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Aussie steamer cleans up
Results are based on typical progeny growth performance achieved using Primegro Genetics grown under a high health environment and fed using the Rivalea Nutritional Program.
HIGH-pressure steam cleaners not only clean effectively, but steam kills micro-organisms within seconds without the use of chemical dis- infectants.
Aussie Pumps has de- veloped a range of hot water steam cleaners spe- cifically for Australian conditions.
These machines are de- signed particularly with primary producers in mind.
The Aussie Super Indy range includes single and three-phase steamers with pressures as high as 4000psi.
Aussie Pumps Super Indy steamers are built tough, featuring a heavy- duty stainless steel cover that is impact resistant.
The cover is mounted on a robust steel chassis with an integrated front- mounted bumper.
Aussie Pumps product manager Brad Farrugia said, “We decided to move away from European-style machines with their tradi- tional poly or plastic cov- ers.”
“These machines are loaded with features to make them easy and safe to use but provide plenty of capability for fast and effective cleaning and sanitising.”
The pumps are a heavy- duty Italian triplex design running at 1450rpm for a long and continuous trou- ble-free life.
The range starts with a 240V single-phase ma- chine delivering 1500psi and 12l/pm flow.
Reaching 120C, the ma- chines provide loads of steam power when need- ed.
Three-phase machines are also available in a powerful 4000psi config- uration with flows of up to 15l/pm.
“We decided to give farmers something not
available from the Euro- pean machines,” Farrugia said.
“We developed a 4000psi unit that delivers 33 percent more pressure than the others, lifting productivity and reducing down time.”
The mild steel burner coils are covered by a free extended warranty of up to two years.
A stainless steel burner coil version, with a three- year warranty, is available for areas with ‘hard’ wa- ter.
The new Aussie Super Indy range offers timed ‘Total Stop’, designed to shut the machine off after the operator releases the trigger of the gun.
This not only reduces wear on the machine but saves power.
Other intelligent fea- tures include Micro Leak control.
The Micro Leak feature shuts the machine down if a leak is detected in the high-pressure system.
This is essential for
maintaining optimum performance, eliminating breakdowns and subse- quent downtime.
Low water and low fuel cut-outs have also been incorporated in this state- of-the-art steam cleaner.
Ergonomic dials give the operator infinitely vari- able temperature control.
That means the machine can vary from cold wa- ter to full 120C steam by simply turning a dial.
This steam function is ideal for shifting oil and grease as well as biologi- cal material from farm machinery.
It is also indispensable for washing down stain- less steel equipment and particularly for wash- down and sterilising of stalls.
Further information on Aussie Pumps Super Indy pressure cleaners is avail- able from Aussie Pumps distributors throughout Australia.
Check the website for details: www.aussie
The Aussie Pumps Super Indy steam cleaner makes short work of cleaning and sterilising for a range of farm cleaning chores.
Excellent quality Concrete Slats for Piggeries
  Farrowing and weaner crates, growers and baconer pens.   Feed hopper with stainless steel trough.
  Farrowing flooring with a 10mm gap; weaners flooring with a 12mm gap; and growers flooring with a 15mm gap.
Diagonal Farrowing Crate. Straight Farrowing Crate.
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