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Farm sector welcomes commitment to a long-term emissions reduction strategy
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“Therefore, the indus-
try is highly exposed to global markets.
“It is crucial that climate policy settings recognise the importance of main- taining our competitive po- sition in global markets.”
Ms Simson said policies that encouraged innova- tion and the adoption of low-emission technol- ogies and participation in carbon offset markets were most appropriate for agriculture.
“While the review high- lights the emissions abate- ment achieved through the Emissions Reduction Fund, the NFF believes there is still much to be done in order to unlock the full carbon potential of Australian farms,” she said.
“We welcome a commit- ment by the Government to continue to develop, review and improve the methods and operation of the ERF.
“It is critical that Gov- ernment ensures the set- tings of offset markets facilitate efficient partici- pation by farmers.”
The NFF has long ar- gued that there are funda- mental barriers to farmers participating in the carbon market, including:
• There is no easy way for a farmer to bundle up and sell the different se- questration and emission reduction strategies that suit their farm system and business model. This cre- ates high administrative costs and reduced effi- ciency.
• There are a limited
number of methods avail- able that are relevant to the majority of farmers. The reality is, for most Australian farmers cost- effective methods are not yet available.
• Understanding the le- gal and financial risks to participating in the carbon market is difficult, and sourcing trusted and in- dependent advice is chal- lenging. Emissions reduc- tion projects are long- term commitments of at least seven years, and in the case of sequestration projects, 25 to 100 years.
“Emissions reduction policies will work best where they drive im- proved natural resource management for both in- creased productivity and abatement, and where there is adequate reward for the ecosystem services that farmers provide to the wider community,” Ms Simson said.
“We look forward to engaging further with the Government and the Federal Department on this matter and further exploring the opportunity to greater recognise and value the non-carbon ben- efits association with veg- etation management, as well as the consultation on the detailed design of the National Energy Guaran- tee.
“There is great op- portunity for Australian agriculture to contribute to the nation’s emissions reduction goals while we work towards our vision for agriculture to become a $100 billion industry by 2030.”
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