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Peri Peri Tasty Sticks produced by D’Orsogna.
LEADING Western Australian headquar- tered smallgoods man- ufacturer D’Orsogna is about to expand its footprint in the eastern states with a new state- of-the-art manufacturing plant to be built in outer Melbourne.
While final and firm details of the expansion will be revealed later this month, I understand the multi-million dollar in- vestment in land, build- ings, infrastructure, plant and equipment will posi- tion D’Orsogna as a very significant player on the east coast and flags intent to move into export.
The D’Orsogna family has made quality hams and continental salami
products for almost 70 years.
The D’Orsogna brand essentially started in 1949 as a one-man butcher shop in West Perth, WA.
Under the careful ini- tial guidance of brothers Tommaso and Giovanni D’Orsogna, the business has steadily grown to become a market leader, supplying Coles, Metcash and foodservice business- es in WA and almost 1000 Woolworths stores around Australia.
D’Orsogna is now a platinum status supplier to Woolworths, having won a string of ‘Supplier of the Year’ awards in the Deli Cabinet and Dairy Case categories.
D’Orsogna’s landmark premises on the corner of Leach Highway and Stock Rd, Palmyra, near the port city of Fremantle, has been its WA home since 1973 and is likely to retain its head office status.
D’Orsogna currently employs more than 550 people at its manufactur- ing facility in Palmyra and has a staff of 50 at its smaller factory in Wa- verley, Victoria, which it acquired in 2014.
While the company proudly retains the D’Orsogna founders’ fam- ily values and business ethics, it is a corporate en- tity with high standards of governance and a robust strategic vision.
It anticipates at least 50 percent of its production volume will be produced in the new Victorian fa-
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cility, due to its proxim- ity to major markets and streamlined manufactur- ing processes.
D’Orsogna will design, engineer and build a state- of-the-art facility that uti- lises the latest energy and water conservation tech- nology and delivers the best possible community and commercial outcome.
While the fine detail of machinery and equip- ment is yet to be settled, it will have the capacity to manufacture a range of ham and bacon products and whole hams for slic- ing and packing.
Various flavouring methods, smoking and cooking are among the value-adding techniques.
An exciting mix of what
the company refers to as innovative traditional smallgoods will result.
D’Orsogna produces a wide range of cured and cooked whole and sliced ham; gourmet continental goods; numerous cuts of bacon; sausages, cooked and fresh; polony, lard and dripping.
D’Orsogna hams and ba- cons are equally popular and trusted by generations of customers as protein meal centres in lunches, breakfasts and dinners and as accompaniments for many meal occasions.
I understand D’Orsogna managing director Brad Thomason has almost sin- gle-handedly conceived, developed and driven the eastern Australian ex- pansion, working on the massive project for a num- ber of years while shor- ing up support from the D’Orsogna Board, whose
family members fully support what amounts to the company’s most sig- nificant investment in nearly 70 years.
The family flavour con- tinues to permeate the company today, with the presence on the Board of Directors of Marco (son of Giovanni), Tina and Eugene (daughter and son of Tommaso).
As he said back in 2015 when D’Orsogna cel- ebrated its 65th anniver- sary, Thomason greatly respects the company for retaining the 65-year fla- vour and integrity of its founders and their fami- lies, while at the same time embracing the chal- lenge of corporatising the business to the point where it now leads the way at many levels of what is a very competitive sector of the food indus- try.
D’Orsogna MD Brad Thomason.
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D’Orsogna MD Brad Thomason inspected some of the company’s quality hams.
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D’Orsogna plants foot firmly in Victoria

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