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Is your PIC up to date?
ARE all the details, in- cluding the types of live- stock on your farm, for your Property Identifica- tion Code up to date?
If you are unsure, it is time to check in with your Local Land Services (NSW) or state or territo- ry department of primary industries or agriculture.
In the case of an emer- gency disease outbreak in your area, or a food safety incident, your PIC details are critical.
Your PIC is a unique identifier issued by state and territory govern- ments that identifies your property as one that is keeping livestock.
If you have a pig, wheth- er a pet, for your own use or for commercial sale, you must have a PIC.
Point of View
Being able to identify properties with pigs and contact the most relevant person is essential in monitoring and control- ling disease outbreaks.
Your PIC record does this.
If your details are not correct or up to date, your local authorities may not
know the affected live- stock on your property are in a disease outbreak area, or may not be able to contact you, putting your pigs and business at risk.
Our industry operates in a global marketplace and ability to respond rap- idly to contain a disease
outbreak or food safety incident is vital to main- taining product integrity, food safety, biosecurity and access to markets for pork products.
You can find more in- formation about pig iden- tification online at pig au/faq
For any questions or concerns, contact me at deb.kerr@australi or on 02 6270 8803.
Page 8 – Australian Pork Newspaper, January 2019
The Aussie 6” Honda-powered pump is a real water mover, delivering up to 783,000 litres per tank of fuel!
by DEB KERR General Manager Policy
New long-range gusher
A NEW, cost-efficient 6” (150mm) self-priming pump capable of moving huge quantities of wa- ter has been released by Aussie Pumps.
It is a ‘Long Range’ version of Aussie’s Quik Prime model QP602 that runs for extended periods.
The big gusher is ideal for high volume transfer or flood irrigation appli- cations.
The new Long Range version features a 16-litre long-range fuel tank that neatly fits within a steel roll frame.
This extra fuel capacity allows it to run continu- ously for up to five hours without the need to refuel.
Aussie Pumps product manager Brad Farrugia said not having to refuel the pump frequently is a time saver for farmers with large volumes of wa- ter to transfer.
“Not to mention the extra convenience as the pump can be left to run unattended for long peri- ods, freeing up time for other activities,” he said.
Efficient water transfer is vital for flood irrigation and the QP602 is capa- ble of transferring up to 174,000 litres per hour.
With a maximum verti- cal discharge of 23m, the big 6” pump can move water from a lower dam or river to the flood site or storage dam.
The 6” pump features a huge open-style, high- grade cast iron impeller, capable of passing small solids up to 20mm in sus- pension.
It has the ability to draft water from depths of up to 7.6m, making it ideal for pumping from rivers, dams or tanks.
“Its unique high-flow design makes it very ef- ficient and gives it the ability to move water fast with minimal fuel,” Far- rugia said.
“In its standard configu- ration, it needs only a 13hp Honda petrol engine to achieve its full capacity!
“This Aussie 6” pump is a breakthrough in terms of quality, value and per- formance.
“The great fuel effi- ciencies, high volume transfer and heavy-duty construction really make the QP602 an incredible pump.”
The QP602 also comes with an unbeatable five- year pump end warranty and three-year Honda en- gine guarantee.
With a marine-grade aluminium pump housing and a carbon ceramic me- chanical seal, this pump is designed to last.
Further information is available from the Aus- sie Pumps website (aussie or from Aussie Pumps distributors throughout Australia.

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