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Improved efficiency with a Venturi aerator in combina- tion with a T8 Gorman-Rupp pump.
Venturi aerators are used in conjunction with Gorman-Rupp pumps and
Further, whenever one of the submersible pumps
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The Venturi aerator was designed to handle 82L/s and allows the contents of the equalisation tank to be recirculated four times during a 24-hour period, achieving greater oxygen transfer, better mixing and improved EQ.
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Page 12 – Australian Pork Newspaper, January 2021
Venturi aerators improve overall tank equalisation performance
A FOOD production facility was looking to replace its unreliable surface aerators to save maintenance costs and improve efficiency at its facility.
are mounted on the banks of basins and lagoons in- stead of needing to be installed within them.
The addition of the dissolved oxygen would cause fats, oils and grease to float, so they would not be discharged with the plant’s effluent into the publicly owned treatment works.
plugged or failed, the facility had to rent a crane to remove the pump for repairs and then had to use the crane to rein- stall the fixed pump at additional costs on each occurrence.
tank the fats, oils and grease are floated for separation and treatment, not discharged with the effluent to the local treat- ment works, thus re- ducing surcharges.
The facility was very happy with the results when it converted the ex- isting surface aerators to the bank-mounted Ven- turi aerator.
The system has im- proved the overall equali- sation tank performance to produce clearer ef- fluent, control odours, settle solids, cool the water and hydrolyse fats, oils and greases causing them to float for better removal efficiency.
The submerged aerators were also supposed to provide cooling of the in- fluent process washdown water at around 40C.
As one or more of the submerged pumps failed at least once if not twice a year, the facility began to look for a more vi- able aeration, mixing and equalisation solution to keep it in compliance.
The plant was able to achieve a $6,000 annual energy cost reduction, an $89,000 annual reduc- tion in chemical costs, a $12,000 annual reduc- tion in non-compliance charges and further main- tenance cost reductions.
The installation resulted in annual operating cost savings of more than $112,000.
The former system was to add dissolved oxygen to mix and equalise the contents in the EQ tank using submerged aera- tors.
The aerators had been in operation for sev- eral years and were not achieving the desired conditioning objectives.
The facility environ- mental engineer decided to replace the existing aer- ators with a Venturi Aera- tion Model VA-1400 and a T8 Gorman-Rupp pump.
The facility environ- mental manager now has a system that allows him to achieve his discharge permit parameters and he has less concern over maintenance issues and costs.
The Venturi aerator was designed to handle 82L/s. This allows the con- tents of the EQ tank to be recirculated four times during a 24-hour period, achieving greater oxygen transfer, better mixing and improved equalisa-
The food manufacturer improved its efficiency with a Venturi aerator and will continue to ex- perience fantastic results.
With better circulation
For more information, contact Hydro Innova- tions on 02 9898 1800 or visit hydroinnovations.
and cooling in the EQ

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