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Sustainability is the goal for us all
General Manager – Research & Innovation
Pork Industry Calendar of Events
FEB 24-26 – Agritech West Africa Exhibition, Accra International Conference Center, Accra Ghana
FEB 26 – SA Pig Industry Day, Barossa Weintal, SA
MAY 4-5 (POSTPONED) – Pan Paci c Pork Expo (PPPE), Gold Coast E:
AUG tbc – Kingaroy Baconfest www.
NOV 15-18 – Australasian Pig Science Association (APSA) Conference www.
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HERE’S hoping a won- derful Christmas with family, friends and loved ones was had, and a bit of well-deserved rest and relaxation.
sustainable framework in consultation with key APL team members, the Board and producers.
a few cases, the whole supply chain.
Sustainability has dif- ferent meanings to many andcanbeusedasa motherhood statement un- less it is backed up with a form of measurement.
With the key sustain- ability pillars of people, pigs, planet and pros- perity, this framework sets the sustainability di- rection of the industry for the next ten years.
Further consultation with the broader agricul- tural sector and the com- munity are proposed for 2021.
Several companies now are making a commit- ment to sustainability that is more than only words.
is an employment model in collaboration with Au- tism CRC.
Westpork and Craig Mostyn Group both pro- mote their animal welfare credentials and CMG was recognised for wastewater recycling at its Linley Valley processing facility.
This living document provides targets and meas- ures for us to report on in order to track industry progress in this space and gives us a stronger plat- form from which to tell our story.
Once approved by the APL Board, the next steps will be to develop imple- mentation plans for key commitments and to start the collection of data by the end of 2021.
All Australian Pork Limited major retailers have sustainability goals listed in their corporate responsibilities and the three key themes these companies look to ad- dress are people, planet and prosperity.
Rivalea are active leaders in sustainable packaging practices, having won the Agricul- ture and Nurseries section of the APCO Packaging Sustainability Awards and the Woolworths Sustain- able Supplier of the Year Award in 2020.
As consultation is on- going, we want to hear from you.
The pork industry has much to celebrate as a leading player in agricul- ture and the community.
Sustainability has moved well beyond simply ad- dressing environmental management in today’s society and as such so must our industry.
Sustainability creden- tials should be part of every industry partici- pant’s business plan.
Particularly around the measures you think are achievable across produc- tion, processing and in
Shining the light on the achievements made by the industry is a major stra- tegic direction and one to which we can all con- tribute.
I am very pleased sec- tions of the Australian pork industry are leading the way on several areas of sustainability and that these are being publicly recognised.
Both companies are demonstrated leaders in animal welfare and the use of biogas to reduce carbon emissions.
This includes producers, feed millers, manufac- turers, artificial insemina- tion suppliers, veterinary suppliers, feed additive companies, and stock and freight suppliers.
SunPork Fresh Foods developed a world-first in- itiative to empower people with autism through work placement on their farms – Autism and Agriculture
Blantyre Farms promotes its sustainable credentials with biogas capture and conversion of methane into electricity and the use of food waste coupled with packaging recycling.
Climate friendly farming program leader at APL Gemma Wyburn developed an industry
SunPork Fresh Foods developed a world-first initiative to empower people with autism through work place- ment on their farms – Autism and Agriculture is an employment model in collaboration with Autism CRC.
Other pork supply chains publicly promote aspects of sustainability in their enterprises.
These credentials would ideally address the wide range of sustainable ob- jectives considered essen- tial as part of an engaged and responsible supply chain.
Pork retail data shows continued growth
Marketing Matters
THE pork industry continued to be gifted with good news in re- tail sales in the lead up to Christmas 2020.
In general, average prices appear to have fluctuated across re- tailers throughout this year, compared with 2019.
trolley for more people more often.
Reported to Australian Pork Limited each month, the November Nielsen Homescan data shows the continued growth of fresh pork in the fresh meat category.
We certainly see con- sumers responding to these price changes, with ongoing switching to discounted cuts and retailers with significant specials.
A PL consumer re- search indicates positive shifts in perceptions of pork as a meat for eve- ryday occasions, such as being “easy to cook”, “versatile” and “tastes great”.
Volume uplift of the total fresh meat category for the November period was up 3.7 percent when compared with the year prior, while fresh pork managed to gain 9.7 per- cent.
Throughout 2020, the gain in pork sales was mainly driven by increased sales volume each shopping occasion.
This puts the pork cat- egory in a fantastic posi- tion leading into 2021.
Independent super- markets had the fastest growth in this period,
The biggest winners for pork for the month
There have been slight shifts away from chops and cutlets especially within butchers or non- supermarket channels.
However, we have also seen an increase in the number of shoppers buying pork more regu- larly – more pork in the
with the IGA group and other independent or smaller chain super- markets growing ap- proximately 40 percent in volume for pork over the past four weeks.
have been mince, stir- fry and diced pork as well as ribs and rashers.
After the tumultuous but overall positive year that 2020 was for pork in the retail sector, the marketing team have renewed confidence that pork is headed in a strong direction to face the new challenges 2021 will inevitably bring.
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