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Rabobank partners with Network 10 Farm to Fork cooking show
ABARES head of forecasting and trade Dr Jared Greenville explained value creation is about creating jobs and income for Australians prior to a product being exported.
Australian economy thrives under raw deal: Insights
AN ABARES Insights article released recently explored whether Aus- tralia was missing out on domestic value crea- tion opportunities be- cause of the focus on trade in raw and mini- mally processed agri- cultural products.
“But for Australia, trade in raw commodi- ties and a small set of minimally processed products have provided the largest and most im- portant value-creation opportunities for Aus- tralian agriculture – a feature that is likely to continue in coming dec- ades.
with changes to on-farm production, akin to planting new varieties that make for more spe- cialised products, can also create additional export value.
‘Analysis of value creation in Australia through agricultural exports: Playing to ad- vantages’ analyses re- turns from agricultural exports and compares value-creation path- ways, such as adding attributes to products or downstream processing.
“Raw agricultural production activities are also evolving to be more consumer facing, with on-farm produc- tion practices changing to meet consumer de- mands.
“Past reliance on raw commodities and a small set of minimally processed products does not mean that this is the only value-crea- tion path for the sector,” Dr Greenville said.
ABARES head of forecasting and trade Dr Jared Greenville ex- plained value creation is about creating jobs and income for Australians prior to a product being exported.
“These include the ad- dition of attributes to raw products, such as traceability and organic production.
“Other opportunities may exist, but a compet- itive and open economy is essential to ensure resources are effec- tively allocated to their highest value use where private enterprises can determine what to pro- duce and where to sell.”
“The public debate often asks whether Aus- tralia is missing out on value creation due to the focus on raw ag- ricultural exports,” Dr Greenville said.
“So, while these changes may gener- ally increase the cost of production, they also generate returns for the economy, creating in- come and jobs similar to activities such as do- mestic processing.”
The Insights article can be viewed by vis- iting au/abares/publications/ insights/value-creation- in-Australia-through- agricultural-exports
Further steps to meet consumer demands
AGRIBUSINESS banking specialist Ra- bobank has announced it is partnering with Net- work 10 cooking show Farm to Fork.
Farm to Fork’s producers Dual Entertainment as a partner in season two of the television program.
Rabobank head of mar- keting Kate Holden said the Farm to Fork show was an excellent fit with Rabobank’spurpose.
“Australians have a strongly growing interest in the source and prov- enance of their food and Farm to Fork is a per- fect vehicle to showcase the excellent produce our local farm sector grows.
The bank, a global spe- cialist in food and agri- business and one of the leading providers of finan- cial services to Australian agriculture, has joined with Network 10 and
The nationally aired show aims to help inform Australians how to eat and live well, inspiring viewers to not only cook at home but also have a better appreciation of where and how their food is grown.
“As an agribusiness bank, we are committed to promoting the importance of the agriculture industry and growing Australians’ understanding of where their food comes from,” Ms Holden said.
“We want to be in- volved in telling farmers’ amazing stories in both rural and urban areas and raising awareness of the farm to fork journey.”
Farm to Fork hosts Courtney Roulston, Michael Weldon and Sarah Todd.
Farm to Fork airs Monday to Friday on Channel 10 at 4pm, with repeat broadcasts on Sat- urday and Sunday, and is also available on demand via
The 90-episode second series is hosted by celeb- rity chefs Michael Weldon, Courtney Roulston and Sarah Todd and features a number of Australian farmers sharing stories of their produce and how it is grown.
The program will focus on educating Austral- ians about the journey from ‘farm to fork’, while showcasing 270 fresh and healthy recipes.
for perfect distribution of pellets and mash
The SKIOLD MaxiMat Feeders specifically designed to
avoid feed bridging with their unique slip angles, with integrated cleaning.
Durable construction to suit weaners and growers up to 130 kg
Tel: 07 55 477 588
Piggery effluent pumps
MOVING livestock ef- fluent is a continuing challenge.
every pump in the ST se- ries has a stainless-steel wear plate mounted inside the cast-iron body to pro- tect the castings.
in suspension but would offer high heads as well.
Liquids can be abra- sive and even corrosive requiring flexible options in pump design to combat the issues.
The company is proud of its big 3” and 4” pumps, which are now available not only in high flow but also high head capacity.
The pump range starts with 2” ports and go all the way through to 4”.
Aussie Pumps chief en- gineer John Hales said, “Our Aussie GMP ef- fluent pumps can handle solids in suspension, but in a few applications we see premature wear on cast-iron impellers.”
Using customer feed- back from piggeries across the country, Aussie Pumps GMP engineers worked on programs to develop products that would not only pass solids
Bare shaft pumps in the same series are available with ports up to 8” that deliver flows of up to 9000LPM.
“That’s why we came up with the stainless-steel impeller option, to avoid premature failure and give longer uninterrupted ser- vice life.”
For further information including free technical documentation on Aussie Pumps complete agricul- tural package is readily available from aussie
Page 4 – Australian Pork Newspaper, January 2021
Silicon carbide seals that are abrasion resistant are fitted as standard and
The Aussie GMP semi-trash range of effluent pumps have an option of a stainless-steel impeller for abra- sive applications to extend life and performance.
The pumps are self- priming in design, with the capacity to pull con- taminated liquids through a vertical lift of 6m.
Self-priming means the user never has to worry about priming the suction hose.
It’s a simple matter of filling the pump with water and starting the motor.

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