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Mycosorb® A+. Protect your pigs from the dangers of mycotoxins.
Mycotoxins impact animal health and your profits. Mycosorb® A+ aids in the management of adverse effects that may result from mycotoxin contaminants which could be present in stock feeds. The unique technology behind Mycosorb® A+ can help you fight the threat of mycotoxins in your pigs’ feed.
Choose the best protection and keep your pigs and your profits healthy with Mycosorb® A+ and Alltech Lienert.
For more information on the threat from mycotoxins visit or call a member of our On Farm Team on 1800 649 231.
Animals are your business. Protecting them is ours. AlltechLienert @Alltech Australian Pork Newspaper, January 2021 – Page 9

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