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The five domains model is a comprehensive welfare assessment framework pro- viding tools to understand what an animal may be experiencing at a given time.
Exploration and nest building have been identi- fied as highly motivated behaviours in pigs that are associated with rewarding positive experiences.
Providing young pigs with space and manipu- lable objects can promote play behaviour, leading to excitement and pleasure.
Selecting stockper- sons with a good atti- tude toward animals and providing appropriate training in animal han- dling and management can also reduce fear of people and improve pig welfare.
The five domain model
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as a guide to identify op- portunities for welfare enhancement in domestic pigs.
Similarly, providing sows with straw prior to farrowing promotes nest building activities, re- ducing stress and anxiety, and promoting calmness and contentment.
scratching has been shown to reduce fear of people – a negative experience – in pigs and promote calm- ness or even pleasure in the presence of familiar stockpersons.
provide benefits to both animals and stockpersons, as well as meeting public and consumer demand for high welfare standards.
The following briefly considers opportunities for welfare enhancement in each domain 4 cate- gory.
Interactions with other animals
This not only promotes positive welfare but also improves management, as calm animals are easier to handle and move.
The five domains model provides a useful frame- work for identifying both risks to welfare and op- portunities for welfare en- hancement.
Interactions with the en- vironment
Among younger pigs in particular, play is known to be desirable and highly rewarding.
Using the model as a guide, it has been identi- fied that providing pigs with opportunities to forage, play and engage in nest building, along with improving the quality of pig-human interactions, can promote positive wel- fare in both the short and longer-term.
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Natural exploratory and rooting behaviours can be promoted by providing growing pigs with straw or similar manipulable materials, leading to posi- tive experiences such as engagement, excitement and pleasure.
Play can also reduce ag- gressive pig-to-pig inter- actions and potential inju- ries later in life, therefore enhancing welfare in the longer term.
While it is recognised that incorporating welfare enhancement opportuni- ties into modern intensive farming systems may be challenging, doing so may
For further information and references, contact Dr Nikki Kells on n.j.kells@
THE Australian pork sector is full of hard working and passionate people and, for many, it is more than just a job – the role they play in society is fundamental to their identity.
months have delivered a virtual leaders’ workshop, tailored specifically to the pork sector.
an intense mock radio in- terview with presenter and radio personality James Lush.
the industry, but to witness firsthand the passion of the people who work in the Australian pork sector.
When supply chain par- ticipants are attacked for carrying out their profes- sions and their passion, it can become a personal at- tack on their livelihoods, community and their families.
Twelve men and women from the pork supply chain – from producers and vet- erinarians to butchers and chefs – were selected for the workshop series.
From an APL perspec- tive, we were floored by the sheer talent and love for the industry that was conveyed through each of these interviews and we’re thrilled with the outcome of the workshop.
Keep an eye on the APL socials as we share their stories and what our supply chain leaders have put into action following the workshops.
Interactions with people
Gentle handling, along with regular petting or
Dr Nikki Kells
Future leaders of pork value chain
The training included six members of A PL’s on- going leadership program.
It was an extremely humbling and satisfying process to be able to not only give back to those who work so proudly for
If you’d like to be in- volved in similar training in 2022, reach out to events@australianpork.
Australian Pork Limited, on behalf of the whole in- dustry, are committed to sharing real stories with the wider community, so that more informed opin- ions can be formulated, and decisions made about the role the sector plays in Australia.
The aim was two-fold – to ensure the participants felt confident in the key messages of the Australian pork sector and to develop the skills to comfortably share these messages via media interviews, social media or simply around a barbecue among family and friends.
Ashley Gray APL
Page 12 – Australian Pork Newspaper, January 2022
One of the ways APL identified doing this was by creating a network of advocates outside of our own organisation.
The attendees learned from several in-field ex- perts around themes such as what journalists are looking for, how to structure a compelling conversation, value-based messaging and when and where to input key mes- sages during an interview.
Then to equip those ad- vocates with the key skills to deliver their stories.
After two jam-packed days of learning, the par- ticipants were put to the test and confronted with
To that end, in late 2021 APL enlisted the help of the Livestock Collective, who over the past three
APL welcomes Kenton Shaw to Board
to represent all sectors of the industry as a director of APL and work to en- sure long-term sustain- ability of the Australian pork industry for all par- ticipants of all size farms and entities.”
APL welcomes Kenton Shaw to the Board.
AS a Queensland Uni- versity student, Kenton Shaw began his career in the pig industry at Gatton Campus piggery.
people, and we have a key goal to encourage the next generations of pig industry people and leaders,” he said.
For the past 14 years, Kenton has served as an APL delegate.
After graduating in 1989 with a Bachelor of Applied Science, he worked on numerous family piggeries in Queensland before heading south to join Ri- valea as a stockperson.
After 31 years at Ri- valea, Kenton returned to Queensland in 2020 to accept the role of Ex- ecutive General Man- ager Farms at SunPork Consolidated.
Kenton has previously been a director of Ri- valea, Diamond Valley Pork, Pork CRC and APRIL.
Over the next 31 years, he worked in various roles across diverse pig- gery production systems throughout Southern NSW and Victoria.
When asked about his goals in being elected to the Australian Pork Limited Board, Kenton acknowledged the di- versity within the in- dustry and shared his commitment to repre- sentation and long-term sustainability.
These ranged from large scale pig farms to free-range farms to family farms in the con- tract farming system.
“My 32-year career in pig production in Aus- tralia has provided me with a full set of skills and knowledge of pig production that includes family farms and large corporate farms,” he said.
Kenton describes his career choice in the pig industry as engaging, challenging, and enjoy- able.
“This dynamic in- dustry is full of great
“I believe I will be able

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