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Producer relations and industry insights
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APL’s Pan Pacific Pork Expo 2022
AUSTRALIAN Pork Limited has made the difficult decision to not proceed with the Pan Pacific Pork Expo in 2022.
The usual schedule of the APL delegate meet- ings in May and No- vember will continue, and we are underway with plans to do this face-to-face.
After postponing the 2021 event due to COVID-19 restrictions, the APL PPPE steering committee felt it was unable to deliver a high- quality event to give APL members value for money in 2022.
The PIX AMC event is going ahead on the Gold Coast from May 15-19, 2022 – this year joined for the first time by the SunPork Group.
APL will work with producers to design a new event that will focus on connections and celebration of the Australian pork in- dustry, seeking pro- ducer and industry input into content and format of a reinvented event.
This event aims to bring together pig, poultry and milling in- dustries, with a focus on the latest industry developments.
APL team members will also be hitting the road to meet with in- dustry face-to-face.
Stay tuned for more updates from APL on future events, or if you’re organising your own event this year, APL are always open to sponsorship or pro- viding speakers.
Look for dates of an event in APL update emails or by contacting events@australianpork.
Get in contact to dis- cuss your needs – we look forward to con- necting in person with you all soon.
Julia Unwin Communications Director, APL
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AUSTRALIAN Pork Limited’s producer re- lations team came into being in June 2020 to allow for better engage- ment with the industry.
Since then, the team has taken over the Pig- Pass Helpdesk, become the first port of call for pig-related enquiries via APL’s phone lines and inboxes, and built rela- tionships through regular phone contact with pro- ducer members.
them, so that we were better placed to respond on the industry’s behalf.
These are only a few of the outcomes we’ve achieved through these dialogues.
Page 8 – Australian Pork Newspaper, January 2022
Here’s to enabling a thriving pork industry in 2022.
When I started around 18 months ago, the team were ringing members fortnightly or monthly to ensure producers knew who we were and to open a two-way exchange of information.
The benefits of this ap- proach have been enor- mous.
As most things do, this contact from the pro- ducer relations team has evolved over time.
For producers, these calls were an opportu- nity to raise concerns, ask questions and give feedback about A PL’s activities or wider in- dustry trends.
Second, we’ve un- locked another way to provide industry with information about new research findings and opportunities to reduce cost of production.
The team still call to check-in and collect in- dustry insights to sup- port APL’s policy, mar- keting and research ac- tivities.
For APL, it was about better knowing our producers and under- standing the challenges and opportunities facing
And the relationships we’ve made have helped us support affected producers, for instance during COVID-19 abat- toir closures in 2020.
The insights and infor- mation collected during these conversations are invaluable and contribute to shaping future activity for APL.
by PAUL BONIGHTON Director Producer Relations
First, we have taken industry advice and formed small producer groups across Australia.
These days rather than a fortnightly or monthly outreach initiated by APL, we see more pro- ducers contacting us for help, answers and news when needed.
Our next stage of evo- lution is the industry insights program, which takes the form of quar- terly surveys sent to members and levy- payers.
These surveys mean we hear feedback from all producers – regardless of size, production system and location.
The surveys will be short easy to complete questionnaires and we’ll ensure they are not overly time-consuming.
You’ll be able to be fill them in when it suits you, rather than when it suits us.
You will have received an email link in De- cember – by following it, you’ll be taking the first step in making sure we know what we need to about you and your business.
This ensures APL has the information neces- sary to support you and secure a profitable and sustainable future for the pork industry, so we appreciate your involve- ment.
To those of you who have been involved with the producer relations team – thank you for your time, openness and engagement.
We look forward to continuing to work with you in future.
To those of you who may not have had much to do with us as yet, we hope you’ll take part in the industry insights program.
And if you need any help, have any questions or ideas, reach out to the A PL producer relations team.

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