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Strengthening demand with a focus on the future
FOR the pig industry, the new year couldn’t come soon enough, with pricing a major cause of anxiety in 2017.
It wasn’t just the de- crease but the unexpected nature of it.
Fortunately, the year ended with a great Christ- mas and fresh pork vol- ume growing fast at 12.1 percent ahead of Christ- mas 2016.
Of this growth, about half was driven by de- creased prices at retail and about half by pork becoming increasingly popular.
Bone-in ham also grew again last Christmas by 3.1 percent (roughly twice population growth) and our consumer media coverage over Christmas went up from an audience of 26.4 million circula- tion for all articles to 42.4 million.
Marketing Matters
That 60 percent increase is estimated to be worth an additional $7.9 million according to Isentia esti- mates.
The new year offers a chance to reflect on what we’ve learnt and reset for the year ahead.
Last year’s challenges meant priorities were re- assessed and some new activities were added to our calendar to continue to drive demand and ad- dress the supply issues ex-
perienced by the industry. And so, we start 2018 in
a good place.
Our ‘Get some Pork on
your fork’ consumer ad- vertising campaign con- tinued during January and focused on health and ‘How to cook’ (6 -2-2), in line with the nation’s post-Christmas attention on both health and sum- mer barbecues.
We’ve also had the new line-up of PorkStar influ- encer chefs unveiled in
Gourmet Traveller maga- zine, featuring faces from across the country.
One of the new activities for 2018 is Chinese New Year.
The messaging of this activity ties into the ongo- ing versatility campaign, providing recipe inspi- ration and encouraging all Australians to get on board with celebrations and preparing dishes uti- lising pork mince, scotch and belly.
Radio ads will be aired on metropolitan stations from February 11 to 26, with retail, butcher and volume foodservice activ- ity also locked in.
Butchers will also have their ‘Butcher’s Battle
Plan’ program relaunched and revamped, with the new ‘Butcher’s Hook’ program launched in the next month.
This will continue to provide butchers with practical tips and sugges- tions to help them boost their sales and profitabil- ity.
Our PorkStar and vol- ume foodservice pro- grams are driving 11 percent sales growth in out-of-home sales for the quarter to November 2017.
We are of course hope- ful that this momentum ahead of supply growth has positive impacts on both Australian diets and returns to pig producers.
Australian Pork Newspaper, February 2018 – Page 5
by PETER HAYDON General Manager Marketing
Festivities at Adelaide’s recent PorkStar event.
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