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Environmental protection takes to the road with new skid-mounted solid-liquid separator that slashes waste transport costs by half
A HIGHLY efficient low-maintenance liquid- to-solid waste separator has extended its versa- tility by being offered in skid-mounted format that can be carried by truck or trailer to remote and environmentally sensitive applications.
The KDS separator is being introduced to Aus- tralasia by CST Wastewa- ter Solutions for compact dewatering applications ranging from intensive poultry operations, food processing, food waste, grease trap and waste oil through to municipal wastewater sludge, live- stock manure and agri- business processes.
The compact KDS multi-disc roller separa- tor can also be used to help minimise the high cost of transporting sod- den, sticky and hazardous wastewater by-product to controlled environments where it doesn’t threaten groundwater.
The cost of transporting by-product to comply with environmental regulations can be steep – upwards of $150 a tonne, according to CST Wastewater Solu- tions Managing Director Michael Bambridge.
KDS technology re- moves more than 50 per- cent of the water from wastewater sludge to provide a 50 percent re- duction in transportation costs.
“The new skid-mounted KDS technology offers potential users a highly effective plug-and-play solution to waste process- ing needs,” Mr Bambridge said.
Measuring only 3.8m by 2m, it offers the type of low-maintenance high ef- ficiency that is so impor- tant where agribusiness, industrial and municipal operations don’t have the resources to place en- gineering staff on close standby.
KDS technology fea- tures a unique self-clean- ing dewatering and con- veying system with oval plate separation and trans- fer structure that prevents clogging and permits automatic continuous op- eration that handles oily and fibrous material with ease.
Designed for efficiency, sustainability and con- servation of resources in small-to-medium applica- tions, the energy-efficient KDS separator consumes as little as 0.06kW hr of electricity and uses no wash water.
“This simple-to-main- tain separator offers a high throughput within a small body, with the smallest model being just under 350mm wide and weighing 50kg,” Mr Bam- bridge said.
“The compact rota- tional oval plate structure achieves high transporta- tion and separation effi- ciencies, while the sim- plicity of the machine’s overall structure offers low maintenance, achiev- ing cost and OH&S bene- fits through less handling being required to clear hazardous materials.
“The KDS separator us- es a fraction of the power of a centrifuge and no wa- ter during operation un- like a belt or screw press.
“For a relatively low investment cost, it offers a high-performance al- ternative to sludge dry- ing beds and geobags, for example.”
Used for thickening of dissolved air flotation sludge – a very common application throughout wastewater operations – it achieves solids capture of 97 percent thickened sludge at a dryness of 17 percent.
Waste-activated sludge dryness levels are typi- cally 15-25 percent.
Applications for which the separator is designed include:
• Intensive livestock op- erations, including poul- try and food processing waste (snackfoods, kitch- en and restaurant waste), raw wastewater (primary screening) and sludge.
• Pig farm raw manure and sludge, with cake dry- ness of 20-30 percent.
• Abattoir, feedlot and dairy farm wastewater and sludge. Cattle manure cake dryness of 25-35 per- cent is typically achieved
• Barrel polishing water, water-based paint waste- water, grease trap waste, dyeing wastewater, waste oil and plastic recycling.
• Seafood processing.
• Sewage treatment, in- cluding raw wastewater (primary screening) and sludge to landfill.
For further informa- tion, please contact CST Wastewater Solutions managing director Mi- chael Bambridge on 02 9417 3611, email info@ or visit
CST Wastewater Solutions’ new skid-mounted KDS separator, which, at 3.8x2.2m, can be trailer or truck-mounted for portability.
Where sodden waste and transport costs are an issue, KDS technology offers a solution.
The unique self-cleaning action of the KDS separator, which is available in hydrau- lic capacities from about 1000-15,490l/ph with input solids content of 2 percent.
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