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Animal Welfare Science Centre completes pig welfare scientific review
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AHEAD of the develop- ment of new Australian Animal Welfare Stand- ards and Guidelines for Pigs, a global review of scientific literature and the international pig welfare standards has been completed by the Animal Welfare Science Centre at the University of Melbourne.
The review – completed in December 2018 – pro- vides recommendations and future research for numerous welfare issues relevant to the Australian pig industry including:
• Gestating sows (in- cluding gilts);
• Farrowing/lactating sow and piglets, including painful husbandry practices;
• Weaner and growing- finishing pigs;
• Boars;
• Outdoor housing;
• Specific physiological
and behavioural problems in pigs;
• General management practices of pigs; and
• Human resource man- agement.
All pigs farmed in Aus- tralia are currently gov- erned by the Australian Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Ani- mals – Pigs, which was last updated and approved by the Primary Industries Ministerial Council in April 2007.
The Model Code is en- shrined in each state and territory’s animal wel-
fare legislation.
The Animal Welfare
Task Group – consisting of representatives from all state, territory and Com- monwealth governments – is overseeing the develop- ment of the new Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for Pigs.
The review has been subject to an anonymous peer review – three inter- national and two Austral- ian reviewers – to confirm its validity and will help inform the creation of the new Animal Welfare Standards and Guidelines for Pigs.
Animal Welfare Task Group chair Will Zacha- rin said the independent scientific review is an im-
portant first step in devel- oping the new standards and guidelines.
“This scientific review will ensure the best avail- able science on pig animal welfare is incorporated into the new standards,” Mr Zacharin said.
Australian Pork Lim- ited CEO Andrew Spen- cer said the completion of the AWSC’s science review was an important milestone and marked the commencement of the next phase of the review of the Model Code.
“The appointment of a writing group to draft the new standards will take place shortly, and I en- courage those interested in its development to read and consider the outcomes of this independent sci- ence review when the public consultation phase commences,” Mr Spencer said.
Funded by Australian Pork Limited, the AWSC Scientific Review can be accessed at animalwelfar
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Australian Pork
Industry Leadership
Course – course two
applications open
APPLICATIONS for the 2019 intake of the Australian Pork Indus- try Leadership Course (course two) are now open and close on Feb- ruary 26 (no late applica- tions will be accepted).
All applications received will be independently as- sessed, according to the se- lection criteria (below) by a panel of judges including APL staff, producers/del- egates, industry consultants and key stakeholders.
Places are both limited and competitive and will be awarded to the six highest-ranked applicants.
Anyone who is inter- ested in applying should please contact Ashley Norval and/or the course one participants to discuss the development opportu- nities that this course will provide to you.
The format of the course will remain as per the first year – three workshops will be held throughout the year-long period, with two of these to be held in Canberra and one in Denmark.
Successful participants will be required to ar- range their own travel to each of the workshops, and attendance of all three is compulsory.
The dates have been confirmed for the first workshop as May 7-10, 2019 (in Canberra).
Selection criteria:
• Standing as a current leader, or their identifica- tion as a future industry leader;
• Ability to influence on-farm practice change and lead innovation with- in their company and the greater industry;
• Contributions cur- rently being made at an industry level (local or national);
• Current job role; and
• Length of time in the industry.
For any questions relat- ing to the course or ap- plications, please contact Ashley Norval on 0437 177 527 or ashley.norval@
For an application form, please visit australian
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