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African swine fever: towards the creation of a regional standing group of experts for eastern Asia
THE People’s Republic of China is facing a ma- jor crisis for the pig pro- duction sector following the occurrence of Afri- can swine fever on its territory.
Noting that China is the world’s leading producer of pigs and pork meat, and the Chinese market is virtually self-sufficient in terms of domestic con- sumption, Dr Eloit em- phasised that controlling the spread of the disease to farms and regions that are currently free is of
crucial importance to lim- it the socio-economic and commercial repercussion of the epizootic.
During the meeting, the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) di- rector general Dr Monique Eloit commended the regu- larity with which the vet- erinary services of China have been notifying the OIE of information on the identified cases of African swine fever and she made a point of acknowledging the considerable resources be- ing deployed to detect and
respond to outbreaks. “Right from the start of the crisis, the services of the Ministry of Agricul- ture of China have dem- onstrated transparency by being more reactive in no- tifying outbreaks as well as by improving the qual- ity of the provided data,”
Dr Eloit said.
“By respecting their in-
ternational commitments, they are helping to con- trol African swine fever more effectively in China and limit the risks of it spreading to neighbouring countries.”
Chinese Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Dr Yu Kangz- hen summarised all the measures taken by the Chinese authorities over the past months for a bet- ter and stricter control of the disease such as
the ban of swill feeding practices, the reinforce- ment of the control of live animal movements, the registration of vehi- cles and numerous other measures to improve the early disease detection as well as the outbreak management.
Acknowledging the rel- evance of the new regu- lations, Dr Eloit encour- aged the services of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs to continue the actions be- ing undertaken, in terms of farm surveillance of domestic pigs and wild boar, and the control of movements of animals and animal products.
Dr Kangzhen and Dr Eloit also discussed con- ditions relating to the op- erational implementation of concepts recognised by
the OIE Terrestrial Ani- mal Health Code that en- able safe management of trade flows, such as com- partmentalisation.
Lastly, while acknowl- edging the urgent need to present a proposal for a global African swine fever control strategy to OIE member countries at the earliest opportunity, the two parties examined initiatives that will be de- veloped without delay at regional level.
Vice Minister Yu of- fered his support for the creation of a regional group of African swine fe- ver experts under the aus- pices of the regional GF TADs1, a first inception meeting of which could be held in China to define the terms of reference and the work program of the group.
Slurry pumps desilt lagoons
Vice Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the People’s Republic of China Dr Yu Kangzhen and World Organisation for Animal Health director general Dr Monique Eloit reviewed developments in the situa- tion and the prevention and control measures applied since the declaration of the first case of African swine fever in Liaoning province in August 2018.
PIGGERY wastewater settling lagoons silt over time and using contractors to exca- vate the nutrient-rich resource is costly.
Aussie Pumps’ solu- tion is to deploy heavy- duty slurry pumps to liquidise and remove the sediment.
The company recom- mends Tsurumi’s KRS slurry pumps designed originally to desilt waste- water collection dams in mines and steel mills.
The submersibles fea- ture abrasive-resistant high-chromium agita- tors.
These stir the silt so it can be pumped out without the need to drain the pit.
Aussie Pumps prod- uct manager Neil Ben- nett said clearing sludge from settling lagoons without having to drain the pond is faster and more cost effective.
Tsurumi’s heavy-duty KRS slurry pumps han- dle both grit and cor- rosive conditions.
The built-in agitator moves the silt from rest and passes it through the pump.
“This means a dam can be effectively de- silted in a fraction of the time with major cost savings for producers,” he said.
Tsurumi’s KRS slurry pumps are powered by four-pole 1450rpm slow-speed motors from 9.5kW to 34kW.
Available in 80- 200mm bore diameters, the pumps can deliver flows to 4000l/pm and heads to 31m.
The pump bodies are manufactured from high-grade cast iron with a high chromium impeller and agitator for wear resistance.
The pumps feature all Tsurumi’s standard lon-
gevity attributes.
These include a
unique anti-wicking ca- ble entry that prevents water incursion due to capillary wicking should the power cable be damaged or the end submerged.
The cable entry is ab- solutely watertight.
The dual, double sili- con-carbide mechanical seal is completely en- closed in the oil cham- ber.
Therefore this seal is always protected, cooled and lubricated by oil, thus eliminating spring failure caused by corrosion or abrasion.
As if that wasn’t enough, Tsurumi added an oil lifter.
The oil lifter is a pat- ented guide vane inside the oil chamber that ensures the mechanical seal is lubricated even if the oil level falls or the pump is installed at an angle.
The top discharge design means the liq- uid passes through the pump casing and cools the motor.
This means the pump doesn’t have to be fully submerged or even in- stalled vertically.
“Tsurumi’s KRS se- ries can link its heritage back to major projects of land reclamation car- ried out in Japan over thepast50years,”Ben- nett said.
“The pumps are built with Tsurumi’s fanatical approach to quality and shows their passion for products that won’t quit, which is why they give a three-year warranty.”
Further information on the Tsurumi KRS se- ries is readily available from Aussie Pumps at or Aussie Pump distribu- tors throughout Aus tralia.
Protection and Profit
® Porcilis®
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Reduces mortality*
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* During the fattening period. Refer to registered product label for full claim details. Refer to Technical brochure for details of trial data.
Intervet Australia Pty Limited trading as MSD Animal Health ABN 79 008 467 034 Toll free 1800 033 461
Amanda Vardanega 0427 011 579
Tsurumi’s KRS slurry pumps are designed to move silt and sand with minimal wear.
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