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Aussie Pump is sludge hog
MOVING liquid manure Aussie Pumps manu- The cleanout port is compressible solids up to
in piggeries is a contin- uing challenge and can be a real cost driver.
facturers 2”, 3” and 4” portable pumps that are available in either petrol or diesel drive.
mounted below the suc- tion port providing a huge advantage in that it can be opened just by un- doing two toggles by hand and pulling the whole front cover assembly off including the volute, re- vealing the interior of the pump and with full access to the impeller.
38mm (1.5”).
Best of all, Aussie trash
When electric drive pumps are out of service or in the event of power failures, heavy duty port- able engine drive trash pumps can fulfil a vital role in emergency sludge removal.
The Aussie trash pump range is designed to handle solids in suspension and, as a key facet, come with a huge cleanout port built into the front of the pump’s body.
pumps self-prime through a vertical lift of 7.6m, without the use of priming aids.
A 4” Aussie diesel trash pump with the cover plate out, providing access to the impeller and mechanical seal for easy service without disturbing pipework or dismantling the pump.
An additional feature is that the pipework or hoses connected to the pump on the suction or discharge side do not need to be disturbed.
The 2”, 3” and 4” pumps in Honda petrol engine configuration come with a sturdy frame, mounted on a steel base with anti-
For areas where there is a possibility of any build-up of potentially dangerous gases, a ‘mine spec’ ver- sion is available, with a
“They’re designed for the most rugged applications and find their way into pumping abattoir waste, piggeries, poultry farm sludge and even handling
Further information, in- cluding a comprehensive brochure on pumps for the agriculture market are readily available from aus
Thus, not only can the impeller passages and pump body be cleared of debris but, where neces- sary, both impeller and mechanical seal can be changed out without com- pletely dismantling the pump!
With flow up to 1800Lpm, the Aussie pumps offer heads of up to 27m, allowing them to transport the sludge rea- sonably long distances over horizontal surfaces.
That’s a huge convenient advantage during any ser- vice.
The whole machine, en- gine and pump included, are encased in a heavy duty frame.
using Yanmar air-cooled diesels, with either recoil or electric start, come with galvanised steel frames and base plates with the anti-vibration mount fea- ture.
Aussie Pumps chief en- gineer John Hales said, “We build these pumps right here in Sydney.”
sion, also with a high SG open impeller, will move up to 2500Lpm, and is available in Honda petrol or Yanmar diesel drive.
The pumps have the ca- pacity to handle spherical
The heart of the pump is a huge high spheroidal graphite cast-iron impeller and volute that are ex- tremely wear resistant.
The Aussie 4” trash pump self-primes and will pump 1800L per minute.
A silicon carbide me- chanical seal is standard, designed for long-sus- tained operation.
vibration mounts.
The diesel versions,
super heavy duty frame, battery isolation, E-stop and an integrated fire ex- tinguisher.
dairy effluent.”
A big 6” semi trash ver-
Lab-based meat company secures $A7.7m in seed funding
AUSTRALIAN cell- based meat company Vow Foods has secured $A7.7 million in a seed funding round, with backing from Mike and Annie Cannon- Brookes’ investing arm Grok Ventures.
meat such as pork and chicken, as well as al- paca, water buffalo and even one of Australia’s most iconic animals – the kangaroo.
domesticated animal.
It has since expanded its product range to 11 different animals, and even plated them during a demonstration in part- nership with Australian
of-the-art food design studio and lab in Sydney. With the seed funding under its belt, the com- pany plans on outper- forming meat rather than
that cultured meat will soon be mainstream.
Using animal cells, the Sydney-based start- up produces traditional
company has grown from five to 22 employees and is set to complete a state-
co-founder and chief commercial officer Tim Noakesmith said, “We believe that the only way to change the behaviour of billions of people is to make many products that are simply better than what we have today.”.
The funding round was led by Square Peg Cap- ital, which has backed companies including Airwallex, with invest- ment from Blackbird Ventures, Grok Ventures and Tenacious Ventures also.
In 2019, the company made kangaroo dump- lings, becoming the first company in the world to make a food product from the cells of an un-
chef Neil Perry.
In less than a year, the
replacing it.
In a statement, Vow
“This is about so much more than an alternative to animal agriculture, it’s about a category of products totally distinct from, and better than, what animals are ca- pable of producing,” he said.
Vow Foods co-founders Tim Noakesmith and George Peppou.
Vow co-founder and chief executive officer George Peppou believes
“This latest round of investment allows us to focus on the culinary opportunity and make food that really excites people.
Square Peg Capital spokesperson James Tynan said, “In Vow, we found a team with the most audacious vision for the future of food.”
“It’s a bonus to know that these are the same foods that will allow us to live in harmony with our planet and move away from the climate emergency associated with our current food systems.”
“They’re tackling one of the biggest problems on the planet and have delivered results with less than 1 percent of the resources of its competi- tors.”
The funding comes after the sale of cultured meat was approved in Singapore in December, strengthening its place in the meat production market.
Vow’s funding comes amid a rise in the number of Australian companies producing meat from alternative sources, with businesses such as v2food, Fable and Proform Foods making plant-based meat.
Philippines to triple pork imports
THE agriculture minister for the Phil- ippines has said that after an increase of domestic prices by more than 50 percent from the previous year, as African swine fever devas- tated hog popula- tions, the country intends to triple its pork imports in 2021.
country’s pork pro- duction.
Agriculture Sec- retary William Dar said the Philippines – the seventh-largest pork importer glob- ally prior to local de- mand falling due to the pandemic – aims to purchase 162,000 tonnes, predominantly from the US, Canada, France, Spain and the Netherlands.
As ASF was de- tected mainly on farms on the country’s largest most populous island Luzon, home to the nation’s capital, prices of pork were especially high in Ma- nila.
Based on govern- ment data, in 2020 ASF prompted the culling of more than 300,000 pigs, or around 3 percent of the hog population, which resulted in an estimated decrease of 30 percent for the
Due to higher food prices, and with supply of meat and vegetables hampered by typhoons, inflation increased in the last quarter of 2020.
With an initial 54,000 tonnes set to arrive by February or March, Mr Dar said: “We are studying tri- pling the current min- imum access volume of 54,000 metric tonnes per year.”
The Philippines gov- ernment postponed a scheduled increase in chicken import tariffs to 40 percent, con- firming it would stay at 5 percent this year to help curb inflation.
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