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The research and innovation process
General Manager – Research & Innovation
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AS we begin 2021, there is an optimistic feeling around the outlook of the pork industry – touch wood!
One of the biggest changes I have been in- volved with was the in- dustry decision to volun- tarily remove gestation stalls.
dressing costs of produc- tion and processing.
To that end, I wanted to focus this month’s article on Australian Pork Lim- ited’s Research and In- novation process, in the interests of not only pork producers but researchers who read Australian Pork News.
This transformational shift was brought about with considerable engage- ment and consultation with stakeholders including producers, customers, community interest groups and researchers.
If you get a call to pro- vide feedback and input into different concepts around improving herd health don’t hang up – it’s not a telemarketer!
One of APL’s core deliv- erables is to provide an ad- vanced and world-leading research program for our members.
novation and technology adoption to enable long- term industry change.
variety of industries. These can be identified, adopted, tested and dem- onstrated through APL
This is the essence be- hind APL’s Horizon Pro- gram, which focusses on a small number of ‘strategic intents’ offering signifi- cant or transformational improvements to industry competitiveness in cost, revenue or risk.
Producers, technology providers, researchers, cus- tomers and interest groups will all be invited to work together to come up with acceptable innovative strategies for our industry.
Both Australian Pork Limited and Australa- sian Pork Research Insti- tute Ltd, of which APL is the major investor, are working towards the same aims and objectives.
APL Solutions are re- search and innovation pro- jects that provide under- standing on how producers and the supply chain cur- rently operate.
As the late Apple chief
The pork industry has the capacity and capability to be innovative, flexible and to embrace new tech- nology and change.
That is to provide mem- bers higher returns, open new markets to create demand and address the priorities of our industry stakeholders.
For example, under- standing the risk factors associated with African swine fever biosecurity, looking into the seasonal causes of light/fat car- casses and how this can be reduced, and identifying the opportunities from using black soldier flies to convert piggery waste into valued by-products.
Transformational change in the production of pigs will come through im- proved understanding and subsequently innovative development around core problems or opportunities within our industry.
Seasoned players have background knowledge and experience.
Thinking about this, it is worth acknowledging that Australian farmers have a reputation for inventive- ness and developing strate- gies to cope with our oc- casionally challenging op- erating environment – be it markets, grain shortages or disease.
Send to research@aus and we’ll be in touch.
executive officer Steve Jobs once said: “Creativity is just connecting things to make new things.”
There will be consulta- tion with all stakeholders to ideate different innova- tive solutions to address any ‘strategic intent’.
Young players are wanting to farm in smart and rewarding ways.
Improved animal health was the first of the Ho- rizon Program projects to be named and com- menced, and involves ad-
Whether it is as farmers, researchers or service sup- port, we want to hear of and share your ideas.
Proposals into APL So- lutions can be submitted at any time and by anyone.
At the Producers’ Forum last November, I presented an overview of how APL was developing a more flexible and responsive re- search program to close knowledge gaps, while crafting a vision for in-
As a producer, if you have an innovative idea or an issue that is holding your business back, we want to hear from you.
One of the benefits of our generational acceptance of search engines and sharing technologies is we have ac- cess to a wealth of ideas that can be mined from a
The research and innovation process at Australian Pork Limited, past producer engagement.
Meat workers prioritised for COVID vaccine
MEAT processing workers have been in- cluded in a priority group to receive COVID vaccinations in Aus- tralia immediately after the first round of doses for frontline quarantine, health care and aged care workers are rolled out.
1b of the vaccine roll out. Phase 1a includes quarantine and border workers, frontline health care worker sub-groups
inclusion of meat pro- cessing workers in phase 1b followed intensive work and advocacy from the council.
be found via the health. website.
on solutions to the above and have praised the re- sponse received from staff of Ministers Greg Hunt and David Little- proud’s offices to date.
Meat processing workers have been in- cluded as critical and high-risk workers along- side defence, police, fire and emergency services personnel and will re- ceive the vaccine in phase
More people will have access to a vaccine as more doses become avail- able throughout 2021.
To be clarified also are the logistical issues of the different vaccines and the opportunity of site vac- cinations at facilities.
for prioritisation. Identified priority
“Meat processing workers are classified as high-risk workers with the vaccine rollout,” he said.
Mr Hutchinson said AMIC is now working with government de- partments to clarify the following questions in- cluding what workers fit the definition of ‘meat processing’ and how will the metro and regional hubs work.
“I can’t speak highly enough of the support we have received,” Mr Hutchinson said.
groups will receive the first available doses that are proven to be safe and effective.
“We are the first work- force after health, de- fence and emergency services that will receive the vaccine in the Aus- tralian rollout vaccination strategy, classed as 1b.”
Meat industry groups in other countries are also lobbying for slaugh- terhouse workers to be added to priority lists for immediate vaccination against the coronavirus.
Australian Meat In- dustry Council chief executive officer Pat- rick Hutchinson said the
More details on the na- tional rollout strategy can
AMIC is working with the Federal Government
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