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Record sales for fresh pork
n Fresh pork volumes grew 16.7 percent
Marketing Matters
IN the lead up to Christmas 2020, we waited with bated breath to experience the result of a Christmas under lockdown.
improved quality of pork products in the future.
formed them.
Fresh seafood grew
On one hand, with fewer Australians able to dodge family gatherings by travelling overseas, there was an expecta- tion of higher volumes of pork sold on average.
In terms of competi- tors, there was a lot of media coverage re- garding seafood and support of those indus- tries for Christmas.
The average price paid for seafood over the pe- riod was at record highs, at an average of $27.21/ kg, up from $24.90/kg the previous year.
In ‘out of home’, we were seeing weakness in the sector, with the share of lunch and dinner meals plateauing and average spend slightly down compared with the November period.
15.5 percent in volume and 26.3 percent in value.
On the other hand, with state border re- strictions and clusters in the northern beaches of Sydney locked down, many families would have disrupted gather- ings.
The strongest per- forming retailers for roast sales were Wool- worths (+31 percent in $ sales), butchers (+42 percent in $ sales) and other independent su- permarkets (+60 percent in $ sales), though all retailers grew in value compared with the pre- vious year.
Clearly the quality of Aldi ham has translated into sales for the retailer – a great story and plat- form for us to support
Fresh pork sales grew 16.7 percent in volume and 17.5 percent in value for the four weeks prior to Christmas.
The marketing team is looking to build on these strong foundations to ensure 2021 will also record many successes, and will continue to re- port on these via this publication throughout the year.
Quite frankly, we were unsure of how this would affect the scale of en- tertaining and the usual spread at the Christmas dinner table.
Surprisingly, it was pork mince that expe- rienced the strongest growth of all pork cuts in December, leaping a massive 50 percent year on year, with ribs and rashers up 30 percent and pre-prepared pork up 26 percent in volume – each growing signifi- cantly.
With this in mind, the Australian Pork Ltd marketing team worked hard as Christmas ap- proached to ensure it was inspiring Austral- ians to get pork on their Christmas table.
We’re very happy to re- port that growth in sales of pork did indeed ex- ceed that of total fresh meat.
Delving into sales of ham over the festive period, we saw strong growth in bone-in ham sales, with a 10.8 percent increase in volume sold and a $ sales increase of 15.2 percent compared with the previous year.
Fresh pork volumes grew 16.7 percent for the four weeks prior to December 27 compared with the previous year, and in terms of value the growth was 17.5 percent.
In comparison, fresh meat grew only 7.6 per- cent in volume and saw 14.3 percent growth in value partly due to re- tail price increasing 6.2 percent.
Aldi had particularly strong growth in its bone- in ham sales, climbing 22 percent on the previous Christmas period.
Despite concerns around smaller gather- ings, pork roast was a very strong performer over the period, growing 24 percent in volume and 27 percent in value.
Coincidentally, APL helped to support a major story in a news segment regarding the quality of supermarket hams this year, with Aldi winning the ultimate fa- vourite among our group of judges.
In fact, we did see a solid increase to seafood sales, however fresh pork sales slightly outper-
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Page 4 – Australian Pork Newspaper, February 2021
New year, new priorities
Policy Director
• External thermal and single layer blinds
• Stock drafting curtains
• Canvacon, Landmark Tearstop
and Titan fabrics
Eco shelter replacement covers and securing systems
• Frame guard felt tape
• Thermal blankets
• Shade cloth systems
• Aluminium lock strips
• Ratchet systems and webbing
T 1300 059 003 M 0429 574 963 E W
FINALLY, after an eventful 2020 and with a sigh of relief, the Aus- tralian Pork Limited policy team found time to put its feet up and enjoy multiple servings of Aussie Christmas ham with family and friends, and we hope the same was true for you.
Over the next six months via this publication, the APL policy team will pre- sent a deep dive into each of these issues.
The new year inevitably followed and with it the setting of resolutions and priorities, each aimed at getting the most out of the coming 12 months.
Our aim is to not only to equip you with the latest information on each topic but to keep you informed on what we’re hearing from government and regulators.
To help set our new year’s resolutions, the APL policy team has con- tinued conversations with industry throughout Jan- uary to better understand the big issues affecting business in 2021.
While we know 2021 will likely present on- going external challenges, as we continue to grapple with global issues in- cluding COVID-19 and African swine fever, we can also be encouraged by the strong position that pork continues to main- tain.
tunity for our sector to offer up solutions for mu- tual benefit.
The series will also in- troduce you to the new names and faces of the APL policy team, who are passionate about repre- senting your interests.
Driven by our ethos of representing the interests of the Australian pork in- dustry, we’re focussed on making sure our priori- ties align with our stake- holders.
Government will also be focussed on post- COVID-19 recovery poli- cies and investment pro- grams throughout 2021, presenting a great oppor-
To ensure we can re- spond to these opportuni- ties and threats, our 2021 policy priorities will con- tinue to focus on ASF and biosecurity, strengthened traceability systems, im- proved access to labour and training providers, environmental planning regulations, anti-farm trespass and consumer ed- ucation on imported pork products.
The policy team, along- side other APL staff, will be out and about – COVID-19 permitting – in February and March to discuss everything and anything pig industry re- lated.
Hopefully, we’ll see you on our travels but if not please feel free to reach out and let us know your thoughts.
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