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Dr John Carr.
Before joining the farm team and implementing the nine point health strategy.
A year after joining the farm team. Finishing herd mortality rate was reduced by half and with it antimicrobial usage fell sharply.
“Our food is now healthier than it ever has been, and the pigs people eat must be healthy.
“We have recently had an ‘outbreak of pericar- ditis and pleurisy’ and the mortality rate jumped alarmingly.
– no.
“The cause was a new
A specialist’s nine principles
for monitoring health
IN November 2020, Dr John Carr became one of only two registered spe- cialists in pig medicine in Australia.
Only those recognised by the Australasian Vet- erinary Boards Council Inc can claim the title of specialist.
medicine control, water, food, floor, air, staff and the stock themselves.
not used antibiotics rou- tinely for 10 years, the response was dramatic, but we stopped treatments as soon as we restored the balance.”
Recognition as a spe- cialist by the Royal Vet- erinary College followed.
John’s specialty in pig medicine was registered by the Veterinary Sur- geons Board of Queens- land and is recognised nationally and in New Zealand.
In response to a ques- tion about antimicrobial medicines and pork pro- duction John wrote, “The health of the human race is largely determined by the production of healthy food.”
There must be good control over medication supply, storage and use.
In 2007, he also became a diplomat of the Euro- pean College of Porcine HealthManagement.
“Well before it was fashionable to talk about antimicrobial resistance and reducing the use of antibiotics, my peers Mi- chael Muirhead and Allen Leman led me into the interesting world of health maintenance.
“Antimicrobial sensi- tivity tests indicated that chlortetracycline – dis- covered in 1945 – would be effective against the pasteurella and strepto- cocci bacteria isolated, though other pathogens not isolated were also considered possible con- tributors.
member of staff not navel dipping the piglets at birth as required, and this al- lowed organisms access through the wet navel into the piglets.
“If the pigs are healthy, there is no need for medi- cation.”
John completed his vet- erinary degree in Liver- pool in 1982, then after several years in prac- tice completed a PhD in kidney disease in the UK in 1990, followed by a di- ploma in pig medicine at the UK Royal Veterinary College in 1996.
One of his obligations under his specialist reg- istration is to encourage more pig vets to become specialists and to con tribute to the development of pathways for this.
This led to the develop- ment of nine principles that John uses to monitor the health of a pig farm: biosecurity, pig flow,
“A five-day course of CTC stopped the deaths, however the lesions will take longer to heal.
Ross Cutler
John recounted an ex- ample from a farm in Cornwall England.
The cause of the problem?
Over the course of his career John has taught pig medicine to students in veterinary science at multiple universities and in many countries, per- haps most notably at the Royal Veterinary College in London, at North Caro- lina State University and Iowa State University, and now James Cook Univer- sity in Queensland.
“After a pathogen con- trol exercise 10 years ago, antibiotic use had been minimal.”
John was very firm.
“A new pathogen – no.” “Resistance developing
“Improvement in peri- natal care is what has been prescribed to actu- ally resolve the issue in the long term.”
While his academic credentials and publica- tion list are strong, it is his involvement with pig farming businesses glob- ally that give him depth.
“Because the farm had
Stockyard Industries expands its sales team
STOCKYARD In- dustries is expanding its team and would like to welcome Roby Parker as the new ter- ritory sales representa- tive for Queensland and northern NSW.
He has travelled around Australia in roles with Elders, Tru-Test Data- mars, cattle and sheep live export, and grain farming on various prop- erties.
Roby will be based in Clifton and will work alongside current regional manager Joe Oliveira, servicing both the pig and poultry in- dustries.
experience, will be ca- pable of supporting all project and technical requirements.
Roby has been in the agricultural industry all his life, with more than eight years experience in sales.
Roby is passionate about the success of all agricultural business and looks forward to focus- sing his abilities on the pig and poultry sectors.
Roby’s initial focus will be on assisting customers with con- sumable product needs, and on gaining subse- quent knowledge and
Roby looks forward to meeting Stockyard cus- tomers in person and growing our respective businesses together.
He can be contacted on 0437 859 421 or roby@stockyardindus
Stockyard Industries welcome Roby Parker as its new territory sales representative for Queensland and northern NSW.
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