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Australasian pork research proposals on the move
PROPOSALS covering resilience in antimicro- bial reduction and re- sistance and the role of the microbiome in pig performance and health were highlights of the 33 considered in the first in- vestment round for Aus- tralasian Pork Research Institute Limited.
APRIL’s first call for research proposals to en- hance the competiveness and sustainability of the Australasian pork indus- try attracted more than 40 submissions.
The APRIL R&D Com- mittee met on March 26 to consider the 33 proposals that had passed through the review process.
Pork CRC CEO Roger Campbell said the pro- posals covered all APRIL priorities (resilience, cost and return on assets), were generally novel and some very innovative.
Subjects covered in the reviewed proposals in-
cluded: reducing feed cost; improving number of pigs weaned; manipulating feed efficiency and the body fat content of growing pigs; rapid assessment of eating quality; enhancing animal welfare; and remote moni- toring of animal perform- ance and heath.
The committee will rec- ommend proposals to be supported to the APRIL Board, which meets on April 23 to make final decisions.
Dr Campbell said the recommended proposals would provide APRIL with a great launching pad as its R&D program replaces that of Pork CRC in 2018-19.
“Pork CRC still has about 30 active projects across its four programs, which are expected to de- liver some exciting out- comes for industry, with most completed by Sep- tember 30, 2018,” he said.
APRIL, which replaces
the Cooperative Research Centre for High Integrity Australian Pork, is fully member based with an initial investment in 2018- 2019 between $2 and $3 million and is actively seeking new science and creative new ideas.
APRIL’s strategic plan for research is about mak- ing Australasia’s pork in-
dustry more resilient and sustainable by markedly reducing cost of produc- tion through enhanced productivity and differen- tiation in specific areas.
Australia’s pork industry contributes $5 billion a year to Australia’s econ- omy and employs 36,000 people.
Dr Eugeni Roura, Dennis Mutton (Pork CRC & APRIL Chairman), Dr Roger Campbell and Prof Frank Dunshea at the Pork CRC 2017 Stakeholders’ Day after Dr Campbell discussed where pork R&D was headed and APRIL’s role in that future.
Piggery sump pump
THE contaminated water produced as a result of flush- ing waste collection channels needs to be transferred from a sump to settling ponds.
That collected efflu- ent contains organic material including manure and waste feed.
A stainless steel semi-trash pump has been released by Aus- sie Pumps that is ideal for handling solid con- taminated effluent.
Called the Aussie GMP model B2XR-A/ ST/X, the 2” electric- drive pump will han- dle solids to 19mm.
The cast 316 stain- less steel pump is suit- able for environments where liquids are cor- rosive, for example piggery sump pump- out or agricultural chemical transfer.
Silicon carbide me- chanical seals are fit- ted as standard, with the option of tungsten carbide with Viton for pumping chemicals.
Aussie Pumps prod- uct manager Roman Simmons said, “These pumps are semi-trash, which means they are simple to clean out in the event of a block- age.”
“The front opening
port allows easy ac- cess to the internals without having to disconnect the pipe- work.”
The pump is close coupled to a totally enclosed fan cooled, two pole, 1.5kW elec- tric motor and avail- able in both single and three-phase versions.
With a maximum flow of 440 l/pm and a pressure rating of 54psi (20m max head), the pump is capable of handling a wide range of on-farm applica- tions as diverse as ani- mal effluent pump-out to spray or drip irriga- tion.
“Its self-priming de- sign gives users a great facility to be able to suck water from col- lection ponds without having to prime the suction line before every start,” Simmons said.
“The self-priming feature also means the pump can suck water through a vertical lift in excess of 6m.”
The 2” pump is al- so available in NiAl bronze and cast iron configurations.
Further informa- tion including de- tailed specifications is available from aussie
The Aussie GMP industrial pumps have been designed for a wide range of on-farm applica- tions including animal effluent, water transfer and even drip irrigation.
Proven efficacy against PCV2 without compromising safety
• FirstandleadingPCV2pigletvaccinegloballyandinAustralia • Approvedingestatingandlactatingsows
• Oneshotfrom14daysofageonwardsforpremiumprotection • UniquecombinationofPCATMandImpranFLEXTM
Boehringer Ingelheim Pty Limited ABN 52 000 452 308. Animal Health Division, 78 Waterloo Road, North Ryde NSW 2113. Toll free: 1800 038 037. Ingelvac CircoFLEX® is a trademark of Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica GmbH, 55216 Ingelheim/Rhein. AUS/CIRCOFL-181000
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