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Time to show your Aussie pride
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SHOPPERS will soon find it easier to buy Aus- sie food with new coun- try of origin labelling standards set to become compulsory.
Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources Da- vid Littleproud said the system means shoppers can easily choose clean, green Aussie produce and support Australian farm- ers.
“Aussies want to choose fair-dinkum Aussie pro- duce and our country of origin labelling changes will help them,” Minister Littleproud said.
“Aussies want to support Aussie farmers – all we’ve got to do is give them the information.
“Our labelling changes require a bar graph show- ing how much of the prod- uct is Australian.
“We have seen big and small businesses already
using the labels, includ- ing SPC, Nestle, Bulla and Woolworths.”
The country of origin labelling system has been voluntary since it was in- troduced in mid-2016, but from July 1 this year it will become compulsory.
“For business yet to in- clude the country of ori- gin standards on its labels, three months might seem like a long time but it will be on us sooner than you think,” Minister Lit- tleproud said.
“It can take time to rede- sign food packaging.
“We are supporting busi- ness to make the changes, including through an on- line tool.”
More information for businesses, including the online tool, can be found at bels or by calling the con- tact centre on 13 28 46.
Naturally ahead
• Increased weight gain
• Improved feed conversion
• Maximised economical
Modernising Australia’s agricultural statistics
THE Australian Govern- ment is working with industry to modernise the agricultural statistics system to reduce burden on farmers, minimise data collection costs and improve the accuracy and quality of statistics.
ABARES executive di- rector Dr Steve Hatfield- Dodds said the ‘Roadmap to improve the agricultur- al statistics system’ has been developed to deliver an enhanced and modern- ised agricultural data col- lection system.
“It will better support the agriculture sector by improving access to cur- rent, accurate and concise information so farmers, industry and government can best prepare for any future challenges,” Dr Hatfield-Dodds said.
“The roadmap will assist the agriculture industry to guide and co-ordinate the longer-term changes required to deliver a mod- ernised agricultural statis- tics system.
“With farmers working with RDCs and industry bodies, we will ensure the collection of data is streamlined, useful and fit for purpose.
“Industry, government and other stakehold- ers have been using the
current system for more than a century; we need a system that uses modern data collection methods and continues to support the best possible on-farm, industry and policy deci- sions.
“This continues the work we have undertak- en to improve access to agricultural data, includ- ing the land use mapping information we updated last year to show how Australia’s landscape is being used.
“This comprehensive land mapping data covers over 585 million ha, or 76 percent of Australia, and is the best available.
“Electronic data sys- tems like the agricultural statistics system and land mapping information are critical tools for assisting producers in preparing and planning for the fu- ture.”
The ‘Roadmap to im- prove the agricultural statistics system’ was de- veloped by the Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Department of Ag- riculture and Water Re- sources.
Further information about the roadmap and land mapping data can be found at au/improving-ag-stats
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