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Demand continues to grow, but supply slightly stronger than forecast
25% 20% 15% 10%
0% -5% -10% -15% -20%
Fresh meat four weekly growth by species v similar four weeks last year
Fresh beef retail volume growth Fresh pork retail volume growth
Fresh chicken retail volume growth Fresh meat retail volume growth
Fresh lamb retail volume growth
Marketing Matters
IT seems our estimates for supply in the first quarter of 2018 were about 3 percent or 3000 tonnes too low.
This has been reflect- ed in average pig prices, which have come off from $2.71 (buyer’s baconer price) to $2.62 nationally.
This has been particu- larly harsh in Queensland where prices have come off further and grain pric- es are higher.
Retail demand grew in February by 5.4 percent, the lowest growth rate for some time, although that was growth on significant growth the February be- fore.
In addition, our food- service business seems to be responding, with pork being included in 10.6 percent of meals eaten out of home in the quarter to February 2018 (up from
9 percent in the quarter to August 2017).
Exports are up 8.7 per- cent in January 2018 and 7.1 percent for the full year to January, so we have demand growth in most of the major sources of demand.
Anecdotally, it does not appear that the amount of Australian pork going in- to processed has changed very much.
If these demand trends continue, and the lat- est production survey suggests flat volume of production (which the preliminary numbers do suggest), then wholesale prices and farm-gate pric- es ought to start to recover in the balance of 2018.
We will be doing eve- rything we can with your levies to grow demand as fast as possible.
Protection and Profit
® Porcilis®
Long-term PCV2 immunity for performance and profit
A single vaccination (2 mL) to pigs from 3 weeks of age* Rapid onset of immunity with long-term protection Reduces viral load and shedding
Reduces mortality*
Reduces weight loss*
Increases average daily weight gain*
* During the fattening period. Refer to registered product label for full claim details. Refer to Technical brochure for details of trial data.
Intervet Australia Pty Limited trading as MSD Animal Health ABN 79 008 467 034 Toll free 1800 033 461
Amanda Vardanega 0427 011 579
Page 8 – Australian Pork Newspaper, April 2018
by PETER HAYDON General Manager Marketing
Biosecurity app launched
TO assist in the ongoing challenge of disease pre- vention, Australian Pork Limited has partnered with Canadian software company Fences to trial a mobile phone app that will assist industry in the event of a disease out- break.
The app uses the loca- tion services on smart- phones to monitor the people and vehicle traf- fic entering piggeries, and can show where potential disease vectors may have travelled based on their contact with other prop- erties.
The app works around the concept of ‘geofences’ – whereby virtual markers are drawn around proper- ties.
A smartphone signal that enters that fence is recorded and a timestamp created on its entry and exit, much like a tradi- tional log book.
The app does not re- cord movements outside of geofenced areas.
In the event of an out- break, APL would be able to see the combined traf- fic of the sites that are fenced, but would not be able to see any movements to areas that were not.
The app has the ability to alert both a visitor to a
farm and the farm owner/ manager.
This feature could be used to advise all users where there has been a disease outbreak, and con- tain advice on steps to take.
This may include a di- rection to avoid visiting agricultural properties, decontaminate vehicles or deliver animals to a quar- antine zone.
It could also alert a property owner if a poten- tial biosecurity risk (such as a transporter who has visited multiple piggeries) had entered their property.
The trial of the app is another step in the work APL is doing with gov- ernment and other live- stock industries to build a robust traceability and tracking system for live- stock and those who come into contact with them.
The better prepared in- dustry is for a disease out- break, the quicker the re- sponse and the easier the disease can be contained.
If you wish to be part of the trial or would like to find out more, please con- tact me on alister.oulton@ Alister Oulton
APL Policy Research Officer
Alister Oulton

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