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New learning management system for Australian pork sector
Producer Relations
TRADITIONALLY the pork industry has long struggled with acces- sibility, availability and relevance of training due to geography, cost and limited training pro- viders.
staff, service providers, and government staff, this course provides an introduction to on-farm activities and practices including pig behaviour, moving and handling pigs, medicating pigs, tagging pigs, euthanasia and dis- posal of pigs, and effluent and bedding waste. Necropsy of a pig
and was originally devel- oped for meat inspectors but is also very relevant to pig producers and other industry stakeholders.
make the LMS platform as user-friendly as possible.
cate of completion, so you have a copy of it moving forward.
To address several of these issues, Australian Pork Limited has worked to set up an online learning management system to support industry access to training.
Access to the LMS is free for members of the Australian pork industry and being online, the con- tent is optimised for use on desktop, tablet or phone.
sure pigs are being moved in a high-welfare, low stress manner on farm. ProHand Abattoir
Targeted at vets and farm staff, this course com- prises of a series of videos showing how to compete a full pig necropsy, in- cluding which samples to take and submit for exclu- sion testing.
APL has also developed handy guides for both learners and admins to
If you or your staff have previously completed the training on the old plat- form, APL recommends you download the certifi-
If you have training needs in your business that you think could be met through a course on this platform, contact Rachael Bryant at rachael.bryant@
Each of the courses housed on the platform provides the learner with a certificate once they have completed the course, and these can be used to evi- dence staff training.
The current ProHand site will remain available and accessible to existing users for the time being, so if you already have an account, you will still be able to complete the training on there.
Finally, over time APL is intending to expand the courses offered on this LMS platform, beginning with ProHand Review.
While not able to offer accredited training through the LMS – such as the Stockperson Skillset and Certificate III in Pork Production, which remain available through regis- tered training organisa- tions and technical and further education institutes – APL has transitioned the well-known ProHand Pigs over to this platform, as well as several other short online courses.
Access customisation is available.
Targeted at transporters and lairage workers, this course explores both pig and stockperson behav- iour to ensure pigs are being moved in a high- welfare, low stress manner at the abattoir.
African swine fever training
These newly developed courses will help build the skills of producers and their staff and will also be of benefit to those who support producers, such as service providers, bios- ecurity officers, and local and state government of- ficials
Learner level access – you will have access to the following courses de- pending on your role and what your employer re- quires:
Targeted at new farm staff, service providers and government staff, this course provides an intro- duction to the Australian pork industry covering pig production and piggery bi- osecurity.
Australian Pork Limited have set up an online learning management system to support industry access to training.
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Administration level ac- cess – as a business owner or manager, you will be able to complete courses yourself plus create and manage learner accounts for other staff.
Induction course 1 – In- troduction to the pork industry
Targeted at anyone within industry, this course was developed by the national Meat In- dustry Training Advisory Council and APL to pro- vide an understanding of ASF and preparation for a potential disease outbreak,
ProHand Pigs
Targeted at farm stock people, this course ex- plores both pig and stock- person behaviour to en-
Induction course 2 – Working with pigs
Targeted at new farm
QFF calls on State Government to co-fund safety improvements
THE Queensland Farmers’ Federation is calling on the State Government to imple- ment co-funding op- portunities for farmers and other businesses to undertake a range of safety improve- ments after new statis- tics showed Queens- land had one of the highest numbers of on-farm deaths in the country.
was one of the most dangerous sectors to work in due to the com- bination of hazards, in- cluding heavy plant and machinery, chemicals, noise, dust, sun and heat exposure, working with animals, alone or in remote locations.
improvements such as installing crush pro- tection devices on quad bikes, upgrading switchboards, fitting powerline markers, raising the height of distribution lines, de- vices to boost mobile phone coverage for remote workers and training.”
The Non-intentional Farm Related Incidents in Australia 2020 re- port compiled by Ag- riFutures Australia and AgHealth showed a total of 58 on-farm deaths were reported by the media during the period January 1 to December 31, 2020 – 16 of which were in Queensland.
“Safety is a se- rious consideration on Queensland farms to ensure farmers, workers and other people on farm are not exposed to risks to their health and safety, and QFF remains com- mitted to promoting and advancing safe workplaces to turn these statistics around,” Dr Davis said.
“A similar scheme is already operating successfully in NSW and we appeal to the Queensland Govern- ment to take a common- sense approach to ad- dressing risk and en- suring the safety of our farmers at work.”
QFF chief executive officer Dr Georgina Davis said agriculture
“We believe sig- nificant improvements could be made by im- plementing a govern- ment co-funded grants program in Queens- land, supporting safety
“Reducing farm fa- talities requires signifi- cant investment of en- ergy, capital and human resources, but we have many opportunities and we must make the most of them.”
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