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30 & 31 MAY 2018
Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre, Broadbeach QLD
is just around the corner. Don’t miss your chance to listen to the latest information available on a range of topical subjects.
This year’s theme ‘Driving
action to bring producers and industry stakeholders together to collaborate and adopt                              to overcome the challenges facing the industry, in order to remain globally competitive.
Boosted by a strong trade exhibition, the PPPE 2018 objective is to provide accurate, positive, relevant and high quality industry information in an engaging format.
Dr Sally Isberg – Learning from the ‘top end’: the challenges of crocodile farming and how we can apply it to our industry Doing something different for work experience during her University of Sydney Agriculture degree led Sally down an unexpected career path into crocodiles. This emerging
industry exuded obvious potential soon leading to a PhD project in crocodile genetics.
After completing her PhD, Sally was recruited to Darwin                          their chief scientist working on ways to improve production                             
Since then, Sally’s company, the Centre for Crocodile Research, was created through a DCF restructure.The Centre consults to the crocodile industry and
is internationally regarded for developing relationships with government and universities to produce crocodilians more ethically, economically and sustainably.
Dr Mark Henryon – European advances in genetics and what we can implement
Mark’s main area of interest is animal breeding and genetics with emphasis on improving
the genetics of livestock and
production. Mark received both his Bachelor of Animal Science
and PhD from the University of Western Australia. He left Perth
to take up a position with the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences at                                  Danish Institute of Agricultural                                      largest research organisation
within the agriculture and food sector, and an international leader within plant and animal research.
After 12 years at Aarhus University, Mark became a Senior Scientist at SEGES, Danish Pig Research Centre in Denmark. SEGES represents the political, research, and development interests of the pig industry in Denmark. Here, he is developing and introducing new genetic methods that will make Danish pig production even more competitive on the international scene.
Dr Steven Pollmann – US trends in pig production
Raised on a small farm in Central Utah, Steven is the owner of DSP Consulting LLC, and has had an extensive career in US agriculture.
He holds a Bachelor of Animal Science degree from Utah State University, and a Masters Degree and PhD in Swine Nutrition from University of Nebraska. He was awarded the 2012 Master Pork Industry Leader and is Chairman of the Animal Science Committee at the National Pork Board.
David Speller – Applying Precision Livestock Farming to Poultry Production
In 2004, with no experience
in poultry, David bought an existing but ageing broiler poultry business. After a short period the site was re-developed to embrace the latest technology                                the years David has won several UK poultry industry awards                             
He now has a growing business                                 farms approximately 1.5 million broilers around the UK via management agreements.
In addition to farming, David and Applied are involved in extensive research and innovation projects
both through UK government funded work and commercial trials enabling innovation to be at the core of Applied. Current projects are focused mainly on disease/bacteria sensors and in-shed robotic platforms.
using all of the knowledge gained from his own farming and research                                                                poultry monitoring centre where clients’ poultry farms and facilities are monitored and optimised around the clock globally.
Mr Robert Tanti – Sourcing and retaining staff
Robert is currently the Director of People and Capability at
Hydro Tasmania. He holds
Relations and a Master’s Degree
is a career HR and business transformation professional having worked across a raft of industries and assignments across the globe. In Australia he has
had considerable experience in rural and regional Australia, more                                   Elders. He is passionate about sourcing great people, diversity, inclusion and creating the kind
of working environment where people can be at their best.
Ms Kathryn Thomas – Is
your workplace attractive
for good staff? Foundations
for good employees and their management. The importance of Value Based Leadership
With a global career of more than 20 years as a strategic Management Consultant
Kathryn specialises in supporting organisations and their people
to thrive. As a trusted business advisor she provides sound advice and enables transformation in organisations. She builds strong, trusted relationships which, coupled with her deep expertise in facilitating organisational change, supports people and their organisations to grow.
Dr Vivi Aarestrup Moustsen–
Integrated management of the sow as if she were an athlete
Vivi has been focusing on research and development of housing of lactating sows at the Danish Pig                                    Vivi has conducted on-farm trials for more than 20 years, so she has years of experience in collaboration with farmers and collection of
data from trials in private herds.
Ms Ellen Møller Hansen –
Applying precision farming to herd management
Ellen is a farm consultant with Unitron in Denmark, providing consulting and product supply
for sow herds. She has ten years’ experience as a consultant with
a focus on sow herds, practical                            productivity and previously worked as a practical farm manager with
a sow herd of 700 sows in a full line pig slaughter production environment. Ellen completed her Masters of Agronomy at the Royal Veterinary and Agricultural University, Copenhagen in 2006.
Mrs Edwina Beveridge –
Changes we’ve made on our farm: thinking outside the square Edwina and her husband own and operate Blantyre Farms, a 2,200 sow pig farm and a mixed farm of sheep, cattle and crops. In the last ten years, the pig farming operation has doubled in size, plans are underway to continue expansion. In                                     digestion system captures methane gas from pig manure and converts it into electricity. Blantyre also utilises other people’s food waste products for pig feed and saves                                
Edwina has a commerce degree from the University of Sydney and is a former chartered accountant turned pig farmer. Edwina is on the board of Australian Pork Limited, the Deputy Chair of the NSW Farmers Pork Committee and is
a member of the NSW Primary Industries Ministerial Advisory Committee. She has 3 children, is involved in her local community and is proud to be a farmer
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