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Zoetis Fostera PCV MetaStim now available
New premium fresh pork brand
JBS Australia is well known in beef and lamb, but now the com- pany has launched its first Australian fresh pork brand, Seven Point Australian Pork.
Seven Point Australian Pork was developed spe- cifically to meet the needs of an increasing desire from consumers for ‘lo- cally made’ and ‘Austral- ian made’ product.
Pork imports have had a significant impact on Australian pork in recent years, but with manda- tory country of origin labelling coming into effect in July, the im- portance of 100 percent Australian product will continue to grow in con- sumers’ minds.
Though it’s a new brand, it has a long his- tory.
All Seven Point Aus- tralian Pork’s product comes from its process-
ing plant in Port Wake- field, South Australia, which has specialised in pork production for over 20 years, working with pig farmers from around the country, some of whose farms have been handed down from gen- eration to generation to pass on invaluable farming experience and skills.
The packaging will carry two independently audited animal welfare logos.
Seven Point Austral- ian Pork is the first pork brand in Australia to use the on-farm quality assur- ance accreditation logo, APIQP, to show custom- ers the company only sources pigs from farms that follow good agricul- tural practices and care for their animals and the environment.
The second animal welfare logo, the Live-
stock Welfare logo, is an independently audited accreditation that Aus- tralian livestock proces- sors achieve by demon- strating best practice for handling and processing pigs.
Both these accredita- tions are at the heart of the brand’s values of re- spect, care and loyalty.
JBS Australia general manager fresh pork busi- ness Richard Horsham said, “We’ve developed a brand that is truly Aus- tralian, with a heritage that we’re extremely proud of and we’re ex- cited to see where the brand goes, given the increasing importance consumers are plac- ing on Australian-made product.”
“All our meat is 100 percent bred, grown and finished in Australia by hard-working Australian farmers.”
ZOETIS recently an- nounced the avail- ability of Fostera PCV MetaStim.
The monovalent killed virus vaccine that helps protect against porcine circovirus associated dis- eases caused by porcine circovirus type 2 has been updated with a well- known adjuvant called MetaStim.
MetaStim, the common name for the squalane, pluronic oil adjuvant, is an emulsion used in vac- cines to elicit humoral and cell-mediated immune re- sponses.
This adjuvant entraps the vaccine components so the antigens are re- leased slowly compared to other types of adjuvants.
This slow release effect gives more time for the immune system to devel- op an immune response to the virus.
Merideth Schoenfisch, BVSc, Pork Techni- cal Sales, Zoetis said, “MetaStim has been used in swine, bovine and equine vaccines for years, including most recently, Fostera PCV MH.”
“In fact, Fostera PCV MetaStim is the mono- valent porcine circovirus fraction of our one-bottle combined bivalent vac- cine – Fostera PCV MH.
“For producers and vet- erinarians who require a monovalent PCV vac- cine, we want to ensure our PCV vaccine offers the same demonstrated ef- ficacy and safety as the combination vaccine.”
Along with the adju- vant update, Fostera PCV MetaStim also carries the same label claims as the PCV fraction of Fostera PCV MH.
Fostera PCV MetaStim is for vaccination of
healthy pigs three weeks of age or older to aid in the reduction of PCV2 viraemia, virus shedding and aid in the control of PCV-associated disease.
For PCV2, the duration of immunity has been demonstrated for at least 23 weeks following a sin- gle vaccination.
Fostera PCV MetaStim will replace Relsure PCV
in the Zoetis portfolio of swine vaccines.
Fostera PCV MetaStim is available in 50- and 250-dose vials and can be bought through your veterinarian or pig health reseller.
For more information on Fostera PCV MetaStim, contact your veterinarian or a Zoetis representative.
Celebrity cook-off at PPPE
HIGH-profile chef guests will showcase the versatility of Aus- tralian pork when they join industry at the Pan Pacific Pork Expo on the Gold Coast on May 30, 2018.
PorkStars and two of Australia’s most famous chefs, Colin Fassnidge and Manu Fieldel, will be joined by two vis- iting high-profile Chi- nese chefs in an Aussie versus traditional Chi- nese cook-off.
All conference attend- ees are invited to the demonstration, which will be held at the In- dustry Cocktail Party, with an opportunity to sample dishes.
Australian Pork Lim- ited’s Mitch Edwards
said the top chefs from Australia and China will showcase the ver- satility of pork’s cuts and flavour matches.
“Colin and Manu will be preparing their take on Aussie cuisine, which as we know is influenced by international flavours, while the Chinese chefs, representing the Chinese Cuisine Association, will be preparing traditional Chinese dishes,” he said.
“So come along and join us as we see what world-class chefs can create with your pork and catch up with other conference attendees!”
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Celebrity chefs Colin Fassnidge and Manu Fieldel.
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