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What support is available for producers in crisis?
Producers lose out on depreciation
THE current industry crisis brings to mind the 2007-08 industry crisis – and indeed the impacts suffered by many farm- ers and their businesses during the Millennium Drought.
We are hearing stories of producers making the tough decision to exit the industry, with repercus- sions for businesses and families who love produc- ing pigs.
Some producers have taken to the phone to talk to Australian Pork Lim- ited about the situation and their decision, while others have been seeking help.
Beyond Blue / Lifeline
NSW Rural Adjustment Authority
Rural Financial Counsel- ling Service (NSW)
Qld Rural and Industry Development Authority
Rural Financial Counsel- ling Service (QLD)
Primary Industries and Regions South Australia
Rural Financial Counsel- ling Service (SA/NT)
Rural Business Develop- ment Corporation (RBDC)
Rural Financial Counsel- ling Service (WA)
State Growth
Rural Financial Counsel- ling Service (TAS)
Rural Finance
Rural Financial Counsel- ling Service (VIC)
Centrelink – Farm House- hold Allowance
by ALISTER OULTON APL Policy Research Officer
APL is conscious of the effects the decrease in prices has had on produc- ers, both financially and mentally.
What may not be clear
to producers is where they can turn to for assistance or what assistance is avail- able for their family, busi- ness and mental health in particular.
1300 22 4636 / 13 11 14
The Federal Government and each state government has a range of programs to help rural businesses and farmers in financial hardship.
These include benefit payments through the Federal Government’s Farm Household Allow- ance (family support) to concessional loans deliv- ered through state govern- ments that can be used to refinance existing debt at a lower interest rate (busi- ness support).
Below is a list of finan- cial assistance schemes available, in addition to mental health contacts.
MANY livestock pro- ducers have become blasé about the 100 percent depreciation allowance as it has been extended for three years in a row.
This time, with the government pushing for company tax reform, this tax concession could really be over!
Aussie Pumps is very conscious of the end of the 100 percent depre- ciation allowance.
The company is warn- ing consumers to buy business assets now in order to claim the maxi- mum tax refund for this financial year, and not to assume that tax breaks will be extended.
Aussie Pumps’ Brad Farrugia said, “We’ve seen a rush to place orders by June 30 for the past three years but know that many people are not aware this could be their last chance.”
The company is fore- most in the design, man- ufacture and distribu- tion of Australia’s big- gest range of self-prim- ing centrifugal pumps for farm applications.
The trend towards die- sel pumps for the past few years means ma- jor savings to farmers in fuel and reliability but they have a higher capital cost than petrol engine drives.
By taking advantage of the 100 percent de- preciation, famers who
would normally buy an Aussie petrol-drive fire pump or water transfer unit can now move to diesel.
“We’re seeing more people going with elec- tric start as well,” Far- rugia said.
“Those electric-start diesels are dead easy to start and take the strain off farmers having to wrestle with recoil start.”
Successful produc- erscangetuptoa50 percent saving on their acquisitions, provided they move before the end of the financial year.
The qualifications are
simple – first, the asset has to be under $20,000. Second, there is no limit to the number of acquisitions that can be made within that pa-
Finally, the entity tak-
ing advantage of the de- preciation must have a turnover of less than $10 million.
“Half-price pumps – who’d believe it, thanks Malcolm!” Farrugia said.
Further information including a free infor- mation package on the 100 percent deprecia- tion allowance is read- ily available from Aus- sie Pumps.
1800 678 593 service/nsw
1800 623 946 service/qld
08 8226 0995 service/sa-nt business-development- corporation-rbdc
1800 198 231 service/wa 1800 030 688 service/tas
1800 260 425 au service/vic
Hamish Lawrence says farmers can buy big pumps such as this 4” trash pump to move even silty water and get almost a 50 percent discount from the depreciation allowance.
Be sure
Dehydration prevention
Vet Only Ez-Lyte
• Green apple flavoured electrolyte and acidifier
• Easy to use solution
• Improves water intake of weaners
• Can be administered directly by a 1:50 doser
• Aids digestion in weaners
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