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20th anniversary of Pan Pacific Pork Expo
Fast facts about PPPE
Wayne Bradshaw was on the committee from 1991-2010
Wayne chaired the 1998 event and Porkfest in 1994
Marcus Jones was Vice Chair in 1998 and Chair in 2001 and 2004
Robert van Barneveld was Chair in 2004, 2006 and 2008 – 2004 the first year the event was held on the Gold Coast
In 2010, 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2018 a Board member from APL was Chair. All events on the Gold Coast
The Ron Collins Award was first held in 2004 and run every PPPE since
The first companies to sign up as sponsors of the 1998 event were AusVac and CEFN but other sponsors quickly followed
Wayne believes this may be the time for another change and revamp of the struc- ture to join with the PIX event
☛ from P22
The ovens failed and
some of the pork was brought to the tables not cooked correctly.
The staff took all the plates back and finished the cooking process.
In the end, the meal was still fantastic and the head chef came out and apolo- gised to the delegates.
He stated he believed no other meat would handle this sort of treatment and congratulated the industry on such a great product. What’s the biggest change the event has seen over the years?
I am unsure of this one, as I feel there has been no
really big change.
The ideas grew in time
and the work of APL and the key staff made it hap- pen.
I will mention two key areas: the research team for organising the fantas- tic conferences and sup- porting the Ron Collins Award and also the mar- keting team for including the end product and con- sumer in the mix.
These have been areas of influence everyone should recognise and continue to support.
How much has the event grown over time?
Again, we were so lucky to achieve the support we
did in 1998 where there was such an amazing at- tendance.
The pig industry in Aus- tralia is also extremely good at supporting its own events, so that has been great.
I think the key is PPPE is a part of the industry in the Oceania region and companies who want to investigate doing busi- ness in Australia have an event to attend and research.
That was the goal of the
event and I believe it has succeeded.
Finally, I just want to thank everyone, on behalf of Ron Collins and my- self.
I thank all the commit- tee members and, on their behalf, thank the industry.
I for one am proud to still be working in and dealing with the Austral- ian pig industry, which has such fantastic people involved.
Thank you.
Wayne Bradshaw
The November 1998 cover of Australian Pork Newspaper heralds the inaugural PPPE a success.
Australian Pork Newspaper, May 2018 – Page 23

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