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The power of relationships
Piggery Manager
Westpork is seeking candidates for a Unit Mangers role, overseeing our 1200 sow nucleus herd located near Gingin, WA.
In this hands-on role you will be taking ownership and accountability for the day to day running of the piggery and management of an experienced team.
To be successful in this role, the candidate will need to have:
• Asoundknowledgeofwhatisrequiredtoworkinand operate a modern nucleus herd production facility, including overseeing the operation of a gene transfer centre
• Beabletomeetandexceedcompanyproductiontargets and KPIs
• Haveexceptionalstockpersonskillsandtheabilitytoapply the highest animal welfare standards expected by the business
• Demonstratetheabilitytoworkinateam-based environment and motivate and direct staff accordingly
• Theabilitytobeproactiveandinnovative
• TheabilitytoapplymandatoryWHSandQAstandards required by the business
•                                                            relevant work place experience would be highly regarded.
Expressions of interest should be emailed, with attached resume to: Richard Evison
THESE tough and, for some, desperate times must cause us all to take a minute to consider what matters to us.
For some, that’s helping others.
Westpork in Western Australia and SA Pork in South Australia have both taken proactive stances to provide donations of pork to charities.
This is a demonstration that while the plight of producers is bad, there are others suffering who need help too and we can play a role.
This also strengthens our industry’s relationship with our communities.
And our relationships can also help us promote pork.
A couple of weeks ago, we sent all Austral- ian Pork Limited mem- bers a cookbook by email and asked them to send it on to all their contacts.
At the Delegates’ Fo- rum, it was suggested that we should be doing this every week, which is a good idea.
What we didn’t say at
Marketing Matters
the time is all the reci- pes on are shareable directly from the website to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and by email.
So, all of us – including producers, vets, feed sup- pliers, equipment suppli- ers and employees – can help drive pork demand by sharing recipe inspira- tion.
In business, sometimes the cold hard facts are most important and in others relationships drive business.
The PorkStar team, led by Mitch Edwards, are ex- perts at building relation- ships with chefs.
At the Pan Pacific Pork Expo on the Gold Coast, the PorkStar team got two of Australia’s most recog- nisable chefs, Colin Fass- nidge and Manu Feildel, to come and support pig producers in this tough time.
Both men did not charge
the fees they would nor- mally, driven by that re- lationship with PorkStar and because they rec- ognise there are people to whom they can ‘give back’.
You can see the appeals they have made on In- stagram at instagram. com/p/BjYoMxJF6Zv and 7G3AwiD
The next relationship we should touch on is the re- lationship between adver- tising and sales.
We have written before that the APL advertising strategy is always aggres- sive: our ads are on almost continuously.
One of the learnings from 2017 was we need to find better ways of fore- casting.
We first focused on sup- ply forecasting and Kath- leen Pindsle, our Insights Manager, has focused on demand forecasting.
This has taken all our
sales data and calculated what are the most power- ful drivers of sales.
It seems long-term fac- tors such as population growth and the trend towards white meat and away from red meat are building sales most, while the second most power- ful driver is consumer price (relative to other meat) and the third most is APL’s spend on adver- tising.
At present, the most important relationships are those within our pig industry, particularly for producers who are finding these times desperate.
At the producers’ meet- ing held at PPPE we saw a couple of outstanding ex- amples of producers help- ing other producers when a situation became almost impossible.
In addition to these in- spiring stories, the point was made that we all should take the 10 min- utes to give our neigh- bours a call and check that they are OK.
Most of the producers I know are stoic and won’t tell you they have a prob- lem unless they are asked (and maybe not even then).
We can at least try to get the individuals who need support the expert advice they need.
Discmill, mixer, augers, bucket elevator, jet filter, mineral hopper
SKIOLD & Vacuum Milling Solutions • Jimboomba Qld • +61 755 477 588 •
SKIOLD & Vacuum Milling Solutions                                                                    
New wastewater pumps from Gorman-Rupp
GORMAN-Rupp, the world leader in solids- handling, self-priming centrifugal pumps, has released the most advanced pump for handling solids-laden liquids according to Australian distributor Hydro Innovations.
Called the Eradica- tor Solids Management System, the technology is ideal for the chal- lenges facing wastewa- ter pumps, including the handling of stringy sol- ids such as rags, feathers and twine, which find their way into meat pro- cessing plant wastewa- ter systems.
The new system comes as an option on the Gor- man-Rupp range of Su- per T series pumps, and is also available as an upgrade kit on existing Super T pumps already in the field.
The Eradicator system features an aggressive self-cleaning wear plate incorporating a number of notches and grooves, as well as a patent pend- ing lacerating tooth that helps break up stringy materials, scrape them off the impeller vanes and pass them through the pump – all without impacting performance or interrupting service.
A special cover plate with the system includes a smaller, patented lightweight inspection
cover that can easily be removed if necessary to inspect pump internals.
System benefits in- clude improved op- erational efficiency, in- creased uptime, reduced maintenance costs, lower lifecycle costs and easier access to the impeller.
Operators will also find the lighter cover plate is easier and safer to work with.
Eradicator-equipped pumps do not require expensive chopper blades that need peri- odic replacement, but rely on passing large solids and stringy ma- terials straight through the pump.
The system is avail- able with carbon steel or hardened alloy steel wear plates.
Pumps can handle flows from 5l/s through to 200l/s and heads to 45m, and Gorman-Rupp Super T pumps are able to be mounted high and dry above the wastewa- ter (up to 7.6m), so op- erators gain easy access without the need for cranes or other lifting devices.
More information on these pumps and the Eradicator system can be obtained from Hydro Innovations at info@hy or by calling 02 9898 1800.
Page 6 – Australian Pork Newspaper, June 2018
by PETER HAYDON General Manager Marketing

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