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APRIL advises pork research approvals
A FIRST call by Australa- sian Pork Research Institute Limited for research to en- hance the competitiveness and sustainability of the Australasian pork industry has resulted in 14 proposals being funded to a value of almost one million dollars.
All successful proposals in- cluded a 20-25 percent cash contribution from applicants, giving a total cash budget for the first round of about $1.2 million.
At its April 23 meeting, the APRIL Board also approved $100,000 for education in 2018/19, which will support an Industry Placement Pro- gram, similar to that success- fully initiated in Pork CRC, as well as top up postgradu- ate scholarships and honours projects.
The first APRIL honours project has been approved at University of Melbourne.
According to APRIL In- terim CEO Roger Campbell, most R&D proposals were recommended with modifica- tion and all applicants have been advised.
“The research portfolio contains very innovative pro- posals and provides APRIL
with an exciting and positive start, with the first results expected within 12 to 18 months,” Dr Campbell said.
The objective was to mini- mise any disruption to R&D and training activity in 2018- 19 following completion of Pork CRC’s investment in R&D in 2017-18.
Among the successful APRIL proposals were very innovative projects on reduc- ing antimicrobial resistance and better understanding the gut microbiome in animal health and performance, and a couple on novel diagnostics and remote monitoring pig health.
“There were also some po- tential system-changing pro- jects on improving reproduc- tion and two on better under- standing the capabilities of modern Australian genotypes and manipulating carcass fat- ness and improving feed ef- ficiency,” Dr Campbell said.
Dr Campbell noted APRIL was disappointed at the lack of proposals covering reduc- ing feed costs, enhancing feed efficiency and manipu- lating carcass fatness.
The APRIL Board and management would therefore
attempt to address these in the shorter term via a call for innovation proposals and in the longer term through discussions with relevant researchers and research groups.
Dr Campbell thanked all who submitted proposals and said their contributions would help sharpen researcher focus on APRIL priorities and in- dustry needs and likely lead to more directed proposals in future investment rounds.
“I also thank members of the APRIL R&D Committee and the 75 or so reviewers involved in the process,” he said.
“The time frame was tight but all went very smoothly.”
APRIL’s inaugural Educa- tion Committee comprises Prof Frank Dunshea (Chair), University of Melbourne; Prof John Pluske, Murdoch University; Dr Eugeni Roura, University of Queensland; Dr Darryl D’Souza, SunPork; Dr Rob Smits, Rivalea; Ms Heather Channon, Australian Pork Limited; and Dr Charles Rikard-Bell, Pork CRC.
APRIL, which replaces the Cooperative Research Centre for High Integrity Australian Pork, is fully member based with a budget in 2018-19 ap- proaching $3 million.
APRIL is actively seeking new science and creative new ideas for its three programs, which cover resilience, cost and return on assets.
Borrowdale Free Range Pork’s Jamie Ferguson, Dave Harrison from St Bernard’s and Richard Evison from Westpork after the Steak Your Claim presentation at the Pan Pacific Pork Expo.
Borrowdale Free Range Pork ‘steaks its claim’ as the best in Australia
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Page 8 – Australian Pork Newspaper, June 2018
BORROWDALE Free Range Pork has been named the winner of the 2018 ‘Steak Your Claim’ competition.
The annual competition, run by industry peak body Aus- tralian Pork Limited, aims to discover the nation’s best pork steak.
The pork loin steaks were ex- pertly assessed in ‘blind’ judg- ing according to very specific criteria.
The winner was judged on colour, visual appeal, marbling of the raw product, aroma, fla- vour, juiciness and texture.
Borrowdale Free Range Pork marketing manager Paul da Silva said, “The fact that Bor- rowdale Pork won the 2018 Steak Your Claim competition proves the effectiveness of us- ing the highest standards of ethical production.
“The result is the superior flavour and tenderness of pork that is all perfectly natural.
“Borrowdale’s winning entry was just part of our regular weekly production.
“It’s great that it reflects the brand’s mission for everyday consumers to rediscover the real taste of pork.
“Borrowdale customers are all enjoying the best pork on offer.” APL General Manager of Marketing Peter Haydon said, “Australians’ appetite for pork continues to grow, and our farmers are continually look- ing to improve their already
high-quality product.”
“This competition seeks to
find a really special product, and producers have responded by looking at different breeds and feeds to deliver a stunning pork steak.”
The award-winning Bor- rowdale Pork comes from the Ladner family of free range pig farming pioneers based in Goondiwindi, on Queensland’s fertile Darling Downs.
Their trademark low-stress animal husbandry practices and trusted CEFN Genetics make Borrowdale such suc- culent, tender and all-natural pork.
Borrowdale Free Range Pork is supplied to leading butchers and restaurants in Australia, including Dinner by Heston Blumenthal in Melbourne and Quay in Sydney.
Borrowdale is also exported to Singapore and Hong Kong.
Placing second in the Steak Your Claim competition was Westpork of Western Australia, while NSW’s St Bernard’s Free Range Pork came third.

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