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Pork industry pivots as foodservice renewal begins
Aussie pork sizzlers
THROUGHOUT COVID-19, the Aus- tralian pork industry has been working to support hospitality workers via Hospo4Hopso, but as restaurants reopen, the initiative is not ending, it’s pivoting.
recovery will take time. “Venues have been pleased to welcome back diners as restrictions ease, state by state, but while this is welcome news for hungry Aussies who had missed dining out, the re- ality is still challenging for many outlets and their
providing great-tasting, versatile Australian pork for them to serve to their diners.”
pork is on menus.”
The Australian pork
The Australian pork industry launched Hos- po4Hospo in March, part- nering with restaurants around the country to offer hospitality workers free pork meals, a smile and socially distanced chat, but from June 1, the initiative will provide pork to venues as they reopen.
staff,” Ms Andrae said. “The Australian pork industry initiated Hos- po4Hospo in March to give back to an industry that has supported us through the good times and bad and it
“This initiative is a win- win in a difficult time,” Ms Andrae said.
When foodservice re- strictions were enacted, the supply chain was disrupted and farmgate prices weakened, but this has shown signs of stabi- lising.
The ‘need to clean’ is constant and of para- mount importance to the quality of the product they produce.
Though it weighs 100kg, it’s manoeu- vrable with an inte- grated handle and full stainless steel cover.
Ignition boiler delay ensures low fume emis- sions when the boiler starts up.
Australian Pork Limited CEO Margo Andrae said while COVID-19 restric- tions were easing, the foodservice sector has had a tough few months and
starting to get back to work, it’s important to support venues as they get back up and running.
“For the Australian pork industry, foodser- vice represents about 25 percent of sales and this initiative supports restau- rants as they reopen and helps ensure Australian
This support will con- tinue as the industry re- covers.
Aussie Pumps, a 2.5- acre factory in Syd- ney’s Norwest business district, is proud of its new ‘Sizzler’ hot wash machine.
“Everything on the machine is built for quality,” Hales said.
The company believes using its engineering innovations can help producers save money and operate more effi- ciently and hygienically manner.
Jeff Watts 0417 979 372
Andrew Collins 0427 253 136 E:
Aussie Pumps’ Sizzler hot wash machine is an ideal germ killer in processing plants.
Diagonal Farrowing Crate. Straight Farrowing Crate.
was well received. “However, as staff are
That motor drives a top-quality Italian tri- plex pump with ceramic pistons.
A flat surface cleaner can also operate off the machine.
“Through our foodser- vice programs, we’ll be working with restaurants around the country and
To find out more, visit or for recipe inspiration, check out
Aussie Pumps chief engineer John Hales said, “We’re conscious of the need for constant reliable cleaning equip- ment.”
“We built it based on the feedback we were getting from the users around Australia.”
A stainless steel roll frame is also available, as are foaming devices for applying sanitiser for cleaning products through the machine.
100% Australian owned supporting Aussie farmers
 Australian Animal Feeds is a company  that supplies milk powders for stock- feed mills, farm mixers and retailers  Australia wide.
AA Feeds has a large range of milk powders as follows: • Full cream milk powder  • Custom blends
The result of constant evolution of the product range is Aussie’s new Sizzler Hot Wash.
It has delayed total stop, which stops the machine 30 seconds after the gun trigger is closed.
• Skim milk powder  • Infant milk powder  • Piglet milk powder 
• Sweet whey powder • Lactose powder • Choc milk powder
The Sizzler is com-
Pork producers can qualify for the regular specials that come out on this equipment and could receive the 100 percent depreciation al- lowance if they make an acquisition before June 30.
For enquiries or to place an order please contact: 
For more informa- tion and the details of your closest Aussie au- thorised distributor, or for direct technical in- formation and support, contact Aussie Pumps on 02 8865 3500 or aus
Excellent quality Concrete Slats for Piggeries
■ Farrowing and weaner crates, growers and baconer pens. ■ Feed hopper with stainless steel trough.
■ Farrowing flooring with a 10mm gap; weaners flooring with a 12mm gap; and growers flooring with a 15mm gap.
Ph (02) 6644 6065
Mobile 0437 431 901 | Email
2 Clark Rd, Junction Hill • PO Box 421, Grafton NSW 2460
Head Office:
Victoria: Freecall:
Vereyken Bros. Pty Ltd ABN 11 003 543 548
Ben Slots 1800 999 245
Anytime or (02) 6644 6065 Mobile: 0437 431 901
Phone: (03) 9462 4266 Mobile: 0418 388 842
Page 12 – Australian Pork Newspaper, June 2020
This secures the future of Hospo4Hospo for a further 10 weeks, with venues supported to add pork cuts to their menus, including ribs and bellies.
with four flat-free tyred wheels.
Dry Running Protec- tion and Intelligent Auto Switch Off are also part of the system.
“For the restaurants, it’s free product, which helps their bottom line as they continue to respond to governments’ changing restrictions and a very dif- ferent market.
Australian Pork, through its foodservice programs, has provided resources, support and advice to industry friends and partners throughout the COVID-19 period.
One Australian pump manufacturer has worked with producers around the country to develop a product range particularly suitable for livestock applications.
Underneath that shiny stainless steel exterior, there is a heavy-duty four pole (slow speed), 1450rpm single-phase 240V motor.
Turbo-lances are avail- able to give extra whack if there’s any hard cleaning to be done.
industry employs 35,000 people and supply con- tinued throughout the COVID-19 disruption.
AUSTRALIAN pork producers are among the most efficient and hygienic in the world.
pact and easy to move the system.
“We ensure hygiene rules are adhered to in the easiest, safest and most cost-efficient way.”
The machine is loaded with safety controls, de- signed to protect the ma- chine and operator.
Bigger machines are available in a pressure range of 3000-4000psi, making them suitable for even high-output processing plant.
The Sizzler, designed in Australia, is a high- pressure hot wash ma- chine delivering 1800psi of pressure with a flow of 10l/pm.
Micro-leak protection stops the machine in the case of leaks in the hy- draulic circuit when the gun is shut down.
These machines are available in single and three-phase configura- tions and are compact, slow speed, long life and minimum maintenance.
With a maximum tem- perature of 80C, the ma- chine has the ability to eradicate bacteria.
‘Clogged Nozzle Con- trol’ stops the machine if the nozzle in the end of the lance is blocked, pre- venting the possibility of a build-up of pressure in
This saves fuel and can prevent accidents.
The company also has a range of heavy-duty cold wash machines with flows to 28l/pm and pressures as high as 5000psi.
It’s a smart move to buy before the end of the financial year.

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