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Recruitment delays at Victorian pig industry laboratory
DELAYS have emerged in recruitment processes at Victoria’s Pig Services Centre despite sugges- tions it has been difficult to attract staff to positions there.
Work at the centre was suspended recently in what Ms Symes described as a temporary move to safe- guard its staff from coro- navirus.
The Victorian govern- ment said the Bendigo fa- cility had been temporarily closed to protect staff from coronavirus.
“This is a temporary closure and it will reopen when things improve in re- lation to the COVID pan- demic,” she said.
The centre manufactures vaccines for use by the state’s pig farmers.
New information sug- gests there were doubts about the facility’s future before coronavirus reached Australia.
However new orders sub- mitted to the facility – for now at least – will be ful- filled by a private company.
Scientist Cheree Fitz- gibbon applied for a posi- tion at the centre in May last year but said it took more than three months to hear about the outcome.
Victorian Agriculture Minister Jaclyn Symes said there had been “real dif- ficulties” in filling staff va- cancies at the centre.
“I went through the inter- view process in June and was told in July that I was a preferred candidate for the position,” Ms Fitzgibbon said.
“The science lab jobs in regional Victoria have been advertised on numerous occasions and they haven’t been able to be filled,” Ms Symes said.
“Then in early September I was told that the recruit- ment for that position had been put on hold, even though I was the preferred candidate, until the cer- tainty of the centre was de- termined and decided.”
“As soon as the labora- tory reopens we’ll be read- vertising those positions and we’ll see what happens.
“I don’t have an answer on why those jobs aren’t being filled.”
Welcome outcome on wildlife wet markets
THE Minister for Agri- culture David Littleproud was pleased to see the strong international sup- port, which he led in April at the G20 to investigate wildlife wet markets as part of the broader review of COVID-19.
riculture and food security. “That is why I worked with Australia’s chief veter- inary officer Mark Schipp to push for global reforms underpinned by a scientific
Minister Littleproud said his call for the ex- pert review would provide a greater understanding of how to prevent another dev- astating event.
fort to reduce the risks for disease to emerge and spread, and the threat to agriculture that the mix of wildlife, domestic animals and humans provide in wildlife wet markets.
“Since 1980, two pan- demics have been linked to wildlife wet markets and a further two linked to unsus- tainable wildlife practices – this is acknowledgment we need to work globally to protect ourselves from these risks,” Minister Lit- tleproud said.
“The review will be a joint World Health Or- ganisation, World Organi- sation for Animal Health and Food and Agriculture Organisation collaboration.
“It will take a global ef-
“We have long known about the dangers associ- ated with wildlife wet mar- kets and the potential for pandemics they pose but they also are a risk to ag-
“Together we can gather information that will con- tribute to the betterment of all nations.
“Let’s hope the outcomes of the review finds ways to protect human life and the agriculture that underpins global food security.”
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