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Roger Campbell’s report card
FOLLOWING are ex- tracts of well wishers at the Adelaide Hilton June 12 farewell dinner to honour the contribution of retiring Pork CRC CEO Dr Roger Camp- bell, who has headed the Pork CRC since it com- menced in 2005.
Brendon Cant, Pork CRC Communications manager: It’s been an absolute pleasure. I’ve worked with many CEOs and many clients over many years, but you are the best. A true com- municator. Even more importantly, a top bloke. All the best for the fu- ture.
John Pluske, Pork CRC and APRIL Board mem- ber: Thank you for all your help and assistance throughout.
Tony Peacock, APRIL Board member: 31 years
since I first heard that laugh. Keep it up.
Chris Trengrove, Pork CRC Board member: It has been great working with you and thank you for your leadership and outstanding work during the CRCs.
Robert van Barneveld, Pork CRC and APRIL Board member: It was a coup to get such a high- profile individual to come and take charge of the CRC all those years ago. You have certainly lived up to expectations and many of the successes can be attributed to your guid- ance, patience and persis- tence.
Kenton Shaw, Pork CRC and APRIL Board mem- ber: You leave behind a great legacy of two CRCs and have led the research across our entire industry very admirably.
Edwina Beveridge, APRIL Board member: Thank you for your mass- ive contribution over the last decades.
Charles Rikard-Bell, Pork CRC Commerciali- sation and Research Im- pact manager: It has been a pleasure working with you on this Pork CRC. You have left a huge mark on the industry and such a great legacy.
Dennis Mutton, Pork CRC and APRIL chair: You are very respected in the industry and your change of pace will be missed.
Andrew Spencer, Pork CRC and APRIL Board member: Not many peo- ple know what it’s like to work for a pork industry body for 13 years, but I do. You’ve done it profession- ally, but also with style. Congratulations.
Roger Campbell has worked under two chairs at Pork CRC. Current chair Dennis Mutton (left) and inaugural chair Dr John Keniry both praised his accomplishments and professional service at the farewell dinner.
Enjoying Roger Campbell’s farewell dinner were Pork CRC Commercialisation and Research Impact manager Dr Charles Rikard-Bell, newly appointed APRIL Board member Dr Tony Peacock and Charles’ wife Jenny. All three were in the same Bachelor of Agricultural Science year at the University of Sydney.
While Roger Campbell has been Pork CRC CEO since 2005, he has always relied on the support of a small, conscien- tious executive team, including his high-achieving ‘final four’ of Richard Westmacott, Geoff Crook, Rebecca Smith and Dr Charles Rikard-Bell.
Roger Campbell’s wife Jenny spoke openly, honestly and humorously about his career, highlighting that he always felt he was simply doing a job to the best of his ability. This was despite his sometimes-flamboy- ant public persona. She was proud of his achieve- ments over a lifetime in the pork industry.
Pork CRC Board member and New Zealand pork producer Chris Trengrove sung Roger Campbell’s praises during his farewell dinner.
Much laughter was enjoyed at Roger Campbell’s farewell din- ner, including by APRIL Board member Edwina Beveridge and Pork CRC Board member Sandra Di Blassio.
Retiring Pork CRC CEO Dr Roger Campbell and office adminis- trator Rebecca Smith shared a big hug at his farewell dinner in Adelaide on Tuesday, June 12. Rebecca finished at Pork CRC on June 30 and Dr Campbell finishes on July 15.
Celebrating Roger Campbell’s distinguished career in pork R&D at Roger’s farewell dinner were Dennis Mutton, Pork CRC and APRIL Board member Prof Robert van Barneveld and Dr John Keniry.
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