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Apiam embraces new era of remote consultancy
THE COVID-19 pan- demic has radically changed the way we work and communicate.
The device also boasts the potential of being a tool useful for on-farm training and auditing.
duties and to record data through voice recognition technology – eliminating the need of paper records and double handling of data.
Remote connectivity platforms have become an essential part of main- taining business as usual and it is likely these tech- nologies will form the new normal for commu- nication.
Breeding technicians would have a hands-free tool to demonstrate and record their heat detection and mating techniques.
Apiam’s feedlot sector has successfully used this device to provide instruc- tional information to pen riders on identification and classification of sick animals.
Apiam Animal Health has recently deployed a new high-resolution, live streaming headwear tech- nology that enables vet- erinarians and technicians to provide remote consul- tancy.
Producers would be able to live stream trouble- shooting water medicators or pen walkthroughs.
The veterinary team has also utilised the de- vice to record detailed, voice command records of health examinations at abattoir visits.
The device is hands-free and houses in-built micro- phones and headphones as well as a digital viewing screen.
The hands-free and voice-activated function- ality allows the user to safely perform tasks with their hands while still being able to stream live footage, capture still pic- tures and record impor- tant information.
If you would like to explore this technology, please reach out to your local Apiam Animal Health veterinarian or technician or call 03 5445 5999.
The technology allows a person on farm to wear the headset and live stream what they are seeing to a remote consultant such as a veterinarian.
While the device re- quires internet connec- tivity for live streaming, it has been designed to operate on low bandwidth and still provide high- quality video footage.
can now be used to protect your pregnant and lactating sows
Whole herd protection against Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae. Now for your piglets and sows.
For more information, please contact your Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health Territory Manager.
Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health Australia Pty. Ltd. Level 1, 78 Waterloo Road, North Ryde NSW 2113. ABN 53 071 187 285. Ingelvac MycoFLEX® is a registered trademark of Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica GmbH. All rights reserved. AUS/MFX-191028
Via this process, the producer is then able to achieve timely, accurate and in-depth discussion regarding their concerns.
Footage, pictures and data recording can also be performed in offline mode and uploaded at a later point when internet becomes available.
Imagine, if you will, having instant veterinary oversight at the flick of a switch?
Benefits of the headset device reach well beyond remote consultancy.
Example scenarios where this technology might be of use are real- time sick pig identifica- tion, welfare assessments (fit to load) and post- mortem examination.
The device can integrate with programs and appli- cations to transform into an instructional and data- recording device.
Opportunities exist to access and view farm checklists and flow charts while performing daily
Australia’s food
security continues to
be among world’s best
our food supply is safe.
FOLLOWING a re- all Australians that
emergence of panic buying behaviour, Agriculture Minister David Littleproud has moved to reaf- firm that Australia’s food security is among the best in the world.
“We are a country of 25 million, and we produce enough food for 75 million.”
“People should not be panicking,” Min- ister Littleproud said.
Australia has reli- able, secure supply chains from the pad- dock to the kitchen.
“Our agricultural sector is ensuring an abundant supply of excellent-quality, fresh food from all parts of the country.
“We continue to en- gage with state and territory governments to ensure supply lines remain open,” Min- ister Littleproud said.
“Australian farmers have continued to calmly go about pro- ducing the best food in the world, and Aus- tralians can be assured there is no threat to their food security.
He said panic buying behaviour was com- pletely unnecessary.
“Australia’s food supply is safe and how we, our farmers and our supply chains have managed the pandemic through the crisis is the envy of countries all over the world.
“Stay calm and we will get through this together.
“I want to stress to
“We have been through worse in the past three months and agriculture came through for Austral- ians with flying col- ours.”
“To those bulk buying, I have a simple message: stop it.
“Take a leaf out of our farmers’ hand- book.
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