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Stop the frustration of struggling with inferior pump equipment
A SOUTH Australian dirt from the vegetables is saving time and frus- Gorman-Rupp quality
potato and carrot grower ended one of their pro- cessing frustrations re- cently by switching from a poor quality, unreliable centrifugal pump to a more robust and reliable Gorman-Rupp pump.
and are planning more end-uses for this versatile piece of equipment.
tration and is performing pumps to Australia.
above their expectations. Contact our pump ex- Hydro Innovations are perts at hydroinnovations.
The Gorman-Rupp U3B60S-B pump.
The pump has been chosen in this size to en- able future expansion of their plant and will also be used for irrigation and transfer from the overflow dam to the irrigation dam.
proud to be bringing
The producers are using the Gorman-Rupp U3B60S-B pump to suc- cessfully and easily wash
The growers are very happy that the new pump
Producers use the Gorman-Rupp U3B60S-B pump to successfully and easily wash dirt from vegetables.
to Singapore
market access
AUSTRALIAN Pork Limited has been advised that the Sin- gapore Food Agency has determined that the use of Improvac as a form of immu- nocastration has no food safety risks, and is removing its re- striction on the use of Improvac for imports of chilled pork.
dated requirements for chilled pork products for Singapore.
Removal of the re- striction has been re- quested by producers and is a longstanding APL market access goal.
These have included the adoption of codex maximum residue limits for ractopamine and the relaxation of time-from-slaughter export eligibility rules.
Australian Pork Lim- ited is working with the Department of Ag- riculture, Water, and the Environment to release a market ac- cess advice, with up-
These measures reflect Singapore’s efforts to ensure ad- equate supplies of im- ported pork amidst the uncertainties of Af- rican swine fever and COVID-19.
This development follows similar moves by SFA to liberalise Singapore’s meat im- port requirements.
Australian exporters will be happy to as- sist.
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Naturally ahead
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