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Aeration the Aussie way
Industry welcomes the return of vendors to livestock saleyards
EVERY piggery has a wastewater treatment pond designed to re- duce BOD.
QP40T, is a heavy-duty 4” self-primer that can be either petrol or diesel engine drive.
that only requires the operator to fill the pump body with water and then start the en- gine.
AUSTRALIA’S live- stock industry was pleased to welcome ven- dors back to saleyards and selling centres across Australia from late June.
National Saleyards Proto- cols.
COVID-19 pandemic and the need to reduce the risk of exposure to and spread of the virus.”
livestock from saleyards and can continue to com- pete through an accred- ited buyer, free of charge through their preferred agent or directly them- selves either at the facility or via an online arrange- ment concurrent with live auctions,” he said.
Turning that effluent- laden wastewater into usable fertiliser pro- duces both a valuable asset and turns waste into profit.
The pumps feature big non-clog-style open impellers manufactured from high-SG cast iron.
Aussie Pumps is fo- cused on the livestock industry.
The changes were neces- sary to ensure the safety of essential saleyard workers as well as the continuity of selling and the wider food supply chain, and were agreed to by saleyard operators, agents, buyers, processors and producers in consultation with the federal government.
“However, we’re excited now to be in a position to invite vendors back to our facilities to take part in the action and vibrancy of sale day – albeit with new precautions in place.”
Using a simple, high- performance, engine- drive self-priming pump is the easiest way of aerating ponds.
The pumps in the petrol drive option come powered by Honda GX390E electric-start 13hp engines.
Apart from the com- plete range of electric motor driven trash pumps, with a range up to 8” ports, the company also makes heavy-duty stainless steel frame electric and engine drive pressure cleaners designed for the tough conditions of a piggery.
The relaxed restrictions still require anyone at- tending saleyards to carry out social distancing and good hygiene practices.
Meat and Livestock Aus- tralia’s reporting agents have also been permitted to return.
More complex sys- tems, including the ad- dition of venturi aerator units, or even pontoon- mounted pumps can enhance performance, allowing the pumps to suck liquids from the bottom of the pond, thus achieving a high oxygen transfer.
Honda engines were chosen because of their reliability and ease of starting, first time, every time.
Many facilities have put in place measures to assist with social distancing.
Australian Livestock Markets Association pres- ident Ken Timms said, “The industry was and re- mains acutely aware of the immense challenge of the
Mr Timms said it was of the utmost importance that competitive bidding in saleyards was able to continue.
Vendors and buyers should check with their local selling centres to de- termine the exact require- ments of access.
Aussie Pumps, Aus- tralia’s leading manu- facturer of self-priming centrifugal engine- drive pumps for live- stock waste treatment, has been experimenting using a 4” heavy-duty pump.
That port feeds di- rectly into the pump body.
“Our experiences working with Aus- tralian piggeries have helped us to understand and investigate ways of helping in the fast and efficient treatment of liquid waste.
With flows of up to 1800l/pm and the ability to draught liquids from depths of 7.6m, the pumps can aerate fast without complex pipe- work.
As the water is ex- pelled from the pump casing, a vacuum is formed within the body, causing the check valve to open and the liquid to rise up through the suction hose.
“We believe that simple is best.”
One model, the
It’s a simple system
Aussie Pumps’ 4” trash pump offers 7.6m vertical suction, which is ideal for pond aeration.
Excellent quality Concrete Slats for Piggeries
■ Farrowing and weaner crates, growers and baconer pens. ■ Feed hopper with stainless steel trough.
“They create social bonds and improve mental health in parts of regional
Australian Pork Newspaper, July 2020 – Page 16
The pumps self prime with a very simple system.
Aussie Pumps chief engineer John Hales said, “Some of the big- gest piggeries in South- East Asia standardise on our high-pressure water blasters.”
Vendors were previously prohibited from attending livestock sales as part of a suite of restrictions recom- mended in the COVID-19
“Prospective buyers have never been denied the ability to purchase
The big Aussie QP40T is fitted with a high- mounted suction port.
$36 million for our agricultural communities – the shows will go on
Inside the inlet is an automatic self-priming check valve.
THE Australian Govern- ment is spending $36 million to support agri- cultural show societies in recovering from the effects of COVID-19, en- suring they can continue after the pandemic.
Australia where distance, drought, bushfires and now COVID-19 have caused significant hard- ship and distress.”
will enable the vital com- munity work the ambas- sadors perform in regional Australia to continue.
between 2000 and 4999 and up to $70,000 if their attendance was over 5000.
When the pump is filled with water and the engine started, the process begins.
Minister for Agriculture, Drought and Emergency Management David Little- proud said the Supporting Agricultural Shows pro- gram will provide a one- off reimbursement to agri- cultural show societies to deal with cash flow pres- sures caused by COVID- 19-related cancellations of agricultural shows.
“I encourage my state and territory counterparts to also make a contribu- tion to help agricultural shows survive the impact of COVID-19 because of the positive impact they have on their economies.”
• $26 million in opera- tional support for Royal Agricultural Show socie- ties, which can addition- ally be used to claim for unrecoverable costs asso- ciated with preparing for the cancelled show.
Ph (02) 6644 6065
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2 Clark Rd, Junction Hill • PO Box 421, Grafton NSW 2460
Head Office:
Victoria: Freecall:
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Anytime or (02) 6644 6065 Mobile: 0437 431 901
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Aussie Pumps staff members do not claim to be aerobic sewage engineers, but believe their simple, heavy-duty trash pumps can play a vital role in simple oxi- disation of sludge.
Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infra- structure, Transport and Regional Development Michael McCormack said the COVID-19 pan- demic has hurt agricul- tural shows, with most expected to be cancelled for 2020 in the interest of public health and social distancing measures.
• $100,000 in
tional support for Agri- cultural Shows Australia’s Rural ambassador pro- gram.
“Similar applications in some of Australia’s biggest abattoirs use our big 4” portable trash pumps,” Hales said.
“Agricultural shows are part of the fabric of re- gional Australia, show- casing everything positive about our communities and local industries,” the Deputy Prime Minister said.
“This funding supports not only the big Royal Shows in each capital but right down to the small country shows because we acknowledge the role shows play in connecting agriculture and regional Australia to metropolitan Australians,” he said.
All agricultural shows that have cancelled their show in 2020 because of COVID-19 will be eligible and they will not have to compete for assistance.
The company is working on suction and discharge variations, which will provide a higher rate of aeration at lower costs.
“There is a real risk if we don’t help that not only could Royal Shows cease to function the way they are now but also those small shows.
The $36 million Sup- porting Agricultural Shows program comprises three components:
Eligible reimburse- ment costs are expected to include: bank fees, utilities, rates, insurance, fire alarms and equip- ment, cleaning supplies, telecommunications, IT system licensing costs, website costs, state/na- tional show body affilia- tion fees and rent.
Further informa- tion on Aussie Pumps’ unique range of cast iron, electric motor drive trash pumps is readily available from authorised distributors around Australia and
“These shows are es- timated to contribute $1 billion to the economy each year and attract six million patrons annually, supported by 50,000 vol- unteers.
“In addition, $100,000 will go towards sup- porting the Agricultural Shows Australia rural am- bassador program, which
• $10 million in opera- tional support for local show societies. Shows will be able to claim up to $10,000 if their attend- ance last year was less than 2000, up to $15,000 if their attendance was
For more information on the fund, visit regional. covid-19-relief-and-re covery-fund.aspx
■ Farrowing flooring with a 10mm gap; weaners flooring with a 12mm gap; and growers flooring with a 15mm gap.
Diagonal Farrowing Crate.
Straight Farrowing Crate.
This funding comple- ments the Australian Gov- ernment’s existing $20 million Regional Agricul- tural Show Development Grants Program and will be provided under the $1 billion Relief and Re- covery Fund, which is sup- porting regions, commu- nities and industry sectors that have been dispropor- tionately affected by the coronavirus crisis.

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