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Fresh face for Research & Innovation team
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THIS month, we’re pleased to introduce Gemma Wyburn, who has joined Australian Pork Limited’s Re- search and Innovation team as the new Climate Friendly Farming Pro- gram Leader.
residue casings (frass) will be trialled as a fertiliser product, while the fly larvae will be tested as an alternative feed protein source.
meat of choice.
Looking ahead: in re-
Gemma has a Bachelor of Natural Science ma- joring in Animal Science, and a Graduate Diploma in Psychology.
fully to reduce their elec- tricity costs.
and keep it low cost.
Specifically, we’ll be covering some of the pro- gress APL has made in that space over the past few months, and also some of the new projects we’re working to get up and running, the findings of which will help pro- gress our industry in its ASF prevention and pre- paredness planning.
As you can see, there is a strong theme in the environmental portfolio around sustainability and exploring ways to convert piggery waste into useful resources such as water and electricity.
sponse to feedback from our new producer rela- tions team, we will be bringing the focus of next month’s article back to African swine fever.
Before joining APL, Gemma spent four-and-a- half years at Australian Eggs in various roles, and in her time there devel- oped a love of working with farmers to develop meaningful research pro- jects to address on-farm needs while also being proactive and forward looking to respond to fu- ture challenges.
This project used a real farm for a case study that determined the cost and viability of biogas at a smaller piggery (535 sows), and also used that information to run a series of different biogas use- case scenarios, including exploring biogas as an al- ternative revenue stream for producers.
Black soldier fly
Gemma looks forward to using her experience and passion for intensive industries to help tell these good news stories about pork, and position it as the climate-friendly
Gemma started with us in early May, and has spent the weeks since wrapping her head around the diverse environmental portfolio, which includes some of the following pro- jects:
Small-scale biogas case studies
Bubble column evapo- rator
This project was recently completed, with findings to be released soon.
Work is ongoing to get this prototype func- tioning at the scale of a commercial piggery, and researchers are also ex- ploring use of solar and/or biogas to power BCE use
Larger piggeries (1000- plus sows) have set up and used biogas very success-
This project is exploring a prototype technology able to convert effluent waste into both clean drinking water and steri- lised water for cleaning.
This project is exploring the use of piggery effluent as a feed source for black soldier flies.
The black soldier fly
‘Tis the other season to be jolly
THE temperature has dropped, the re- strictions are lifting, so now’s the perfect time to prepare for Christmas in July.
may look fancy, Ms An- drae said the real secret to success was just a little preparation.
trepiece for Christmas in July might bring some much-needed joy,” Ms Andrae said.
This has been a dif- ficult year for many, so it’s time to find the joy, gather your loved ones or housemates and serve up a crackling- crusted roast pork.
“A pork roast with a crackling crown will impress your diners, but the truth is achieving perfect crackle is really very simple,” she said.
“And if you’re not up to doing a roast at home – or need a night off cooking – never fear, some restaurants, clubs and cafes are also jumping on board and serving up celebratory dishes for dine-in or takeaway.”
Australian Pork Lim- ited CEO Margo An- drae said any time is a good time to get some pork on your fork, but faux festivities could bring much-needed light relief this year.
“To get crispy crack- ling, you need four things: a dry rind, salt, oil and heat.
“While we don’t al- ways celebrate the ar- rival of winter in Aus- tralia, this year we need to find the silver linings and ways to make the everyday more inter- esting,” she said.
A wide range of pork cuts can deliver beau- tiful crackling, with cuts like pork loin and pork belly easy enough for a beginner cook.
This, along with tem- porary disruptions to the export market, weakened farmgate prices, but these are starting to stabilise.
“So, we’re encouraging you to mark that very auspicious occasion of Christmas in July.
“This year has been a difficult one for all of us, but our producers and the 35,000 people working in the Aus- tralian pork industry hope a roast pork cen-
For recipe inspira- tion, tips for a perfect roast and full cooking instructions, visit pork.
“Once it’s in the oven and your sides are prepped, you can sit back and enjoy your faux Christmas.”
The Australian pork industry has been im- pacted by COVID-19 restrictions, particularly as around 25 percent of pork is sold through foodservice.
“Of course, be COVID-19 safe and follow your state re- strictions but why not spread some season’s greetings.
“Pick up a pork roast, prep some veggies, find some old decorations and serve up a festive feast.”
While roast dinners
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Gemma Wyburn
Research and Innovation
General Manager
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