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Investing in marketing, not gambling
Marketing Matters
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THIS year has brought levels of uncertainty many of us have not seen for a long time, if ever.
remain attractive.
• There is strong inter-
focus on in-home con- sumption via supermar- kets and butchers.
As a weekly business, the marketing team has been focused on steadily increasing sales con- tinuously over the long term.
national demand for pork. Hong Kong in particular is increasingly buying Australia pork at attrac- tive prices, largely due to ASF.
These are benefitting from the closure, and in many cases demise, of foodservice outlets.
Throughout that time, the “Get Some Pork on Your Fork” campaign has been running consistently.
reasonable chance of a good return, and gam- bling is pot luck, then we believe we have been investing for a while.
and value chains do the rest).
The rate at which re- strictions are eased by state and the portion of those businesses that will eventually reopen makes investing heavily, across the board, in foodservice currently a gamble.
• APL increased invest- ment in advertising from March when other ad- vertisers have decreased spending, which has in- creased our share of meat advertising. There is evi- dence that increasing the share of advertising in your category accelerates your share of sales growth. APL’s share of advertising is double pork’s share of fresh meat for 2020 to the end of April.
We are tracking food- service by state and venue type.
Particularly at present, with production forecast to grow in the July to October 2020 period, we must choose carefully how to invest for demand growth.
If we add the extra sales in 2011/12 to the sales in 2012/13 and so on until 2018/19 (the last year those sales figures are available), pork sales in- creased by $1461 million, whereas beef and lamb combined have added $917 million.
According to the plans from each year, pork spent just over a quarter of the beef and lamb spend.
We do not do that.
If we say investing is spending money with a
That is why we have stayed consistent in our advertising messaging.
There are reports pork is moving more freely now than it was when COVID-19 caused our lockdowns in March.
Our foodservice ex- perts, Kylie Roberts and Esther Volpe, will con- tinue to target activities to individuals and com- panies in foodservice that have supported producers and continue to succeed by being agile.
Maher takes up national feral pig fight
So, while Australian pork supply may increase in coming months, some factors support good pork demand.
We have planned to continue with invest- ment levels designed to encourage sales growth from now until Christmas.
We hope Kylie and Es- ther’s support for hospi- tality workers continues to be appreciated while the rest of the team will focus on returns on in- home investment.
• External thermal and single layer blinds
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and Titan fabrics
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• Frame guard felt tape
• Thermal blankets
• Shade cloth systems
• Aluminium lock strips
• Ratchet systems and webbing
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We know Australian Pork Limited marketing only creates 18 percent of the increase in sales (product, pricing and dis- tribution via producers
These include:
• Australian pork retail prices versus beef and particularly versus lamb are attractive to con- sumers and anticipated to
This investment will
EXPERIENCED ag- ribusiness leader John Maher has been con- firmed as Chair of the Steering Group leading the development of the National Feral Pig Ac- tion Plan.
million hectares of land, mainly for agricultural and tourism purposes.
stakeholders to deliver a national approach to feral pig management, so John’s strategic leader- ship skills and regional awareness will be ex- tremely valuable.”
Page 8 – Australian Pork Newspaper, July 2020
Mr Maher served as ILSC Group CEO from June 2016 to September 2019, leading a major company transforma- tion while overseeing the management of 2.5
John Maher
As Chair, Mr Maher will play an active role working with program coordinator Dr Heather Channon and a wide range of stakeholders to deliver a preliminary Na- tional Feral Pig Action Plan to the federal De- partment of Agriculture
by January 2021.
The $1.4 million federal
He gained a high profile in Australian agribusi- ness during his nine-year tenure as managing di- rector and CEO of Ru- ralco Holdings, which was preceded by senior roles at Wesfarmers and AWB where he led the Landmark business, now Nutrien.
Mr Maher, who cur- rently serves as a director on several agribusiness boards, said he identified strongly with the objec- tives of the project.
government initiative, overseen by Australian Pork Ltd, is developing a national framework for feral pig management.
Dr Channon said she was looking forward to drawing on Mr Maher’s experience working with landholders, especially in remote parts of northern Australia where feral pigs are most prevalent.
“I’m passionate about the people, industries and environmental future of rural and regional Aus- tralia,” Mr Maher said.
APL CEO Margo An- drae said Mr Maher’s in- volvement was a coup for the program.
“I’m excited to play this leadership role to better manage feral pigs through coordinated and consolidated national planning.
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“John is highly re- garded for his significant leadership and govern- ance skills, built over more than 25 years in high-level executive roles across Australian ag- ribusiness,” Ms Andrae said.
“Modelling indicates there could be up to 24 million feral pigs in Aus- tralia, covering 45 per- cent of the national land- mass,” she said.
“Feral pig popula- tions have wreaked hor- rific damage across the country at a high cost to industries like red meat and cropping for too long.”
“John’s experience with major rural agencies, and recently as Indigenous Land and Sea Corpora- tion Group CEO, reflects the scope of National Feral Pig Action Plan.
“The National Feral Pig Action Plan is bringing together industry, govern- ments, researchers, local communities and other
To find out more, visit
“Farmers, traditional owners, environmental managers and regional communities are united in the fight against feral pigs.
“Feral pigs cost Aus- tralian agriculture more than $100 million a year and wild populations in Asia and Europe have spread African swine fever across national bor- ders, killing millions of domestic pigs.
“A large-scale outbreak of ASF in Australia could cost nearly $2 billion over five years.”
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