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Slurry pump service made easy
New medicines and poisons regulations
for Queensland
President’s Perspective
QUEENSLAND agri- cultural industries will need to comply with a new set of regula- tions around the use of medicines and poisons from September this year.
tions, and provide feed- back and recommen- dations to Queensland Health, who have intro- duced the legislation.
This follows the es- tablishment of the Medicines and Poisons Act 2019 and the un- derpinning regulations governing their use.
The proposed regula- tions will have impacts across feed production, transport and storage where medicines are included.
Pork Queensland Inc – in collaboration with SunPork, the River- bend Pork Group and the Stockfeed Manu- facturers Council of Australia – has facili- tated an intensive an- imal industry technical working group to re- view the draft regula-
The use, storage and prescribing of medi- cines for farm animals will also be addressed in the new regulations.
This will include stockfeed suppliers and home millers.
PQI together with Queensland Farmers’ Federation and associ- ated intensive animal industries have en- gaged extensively with Queensland Health to ensure compliance is- sues are addressed in terms as practical as possible.
The Queensland pork industry was well rep- resented by Dr Kirsty Richards and Dr An- drew Morris – industry veterinarians – and supported by Stock Feed Manufacturers’ Council of Australia executive officer Duncan Rowland and myself from PQI.
Representatives from feedlots, dairy and chicken meat, and egg industries were also consulted to identify any specific concerns.
While there are a number of issues being debated with the regu- lators still – including the development of regulation guidelines to assist the introduc- tion of the new legis- lation – it is expected that current good man- ufacturing practices for stock feed and the existing approved use of veterinary medicines will not be significantly impacted.
Both government agencies and industry will provide further advice on the require- ments of the regulations to ensure a smooth in- troduction and adoption of any new require- ments.
PQI will assist in the circulation of informa- tion and explanation of requirements.
A final thanks to the members of the tech- nical working group for the considerable time provided over the past month on the detail of impacts and practical solutions to new regu- latory requirements.
Call me on 0407 622 166 for more detail on the impacts of these new regulations on your business.
PIGGERIES, dairies, even saleyards and feed- lots all face a continuous problem of moving ef- fluent efficiently and safely.
A classic example is Aus- sie’s big 6” and 8” trash pumps.
front opening port, located below the suction inlet flange.
basis or when the pump is operating continuously on a 24-hour cycle.
running at 1450rpm. Motors are IP55 and fea-
Aussie Pumps knows that preventative main- tenance is a key part of operating pumps in those applications where liquids laden with solids can also be quite abrasive.
Hales said.
“All the operator needs
A specialist in electric motor-driven heavy duty self-priming centrifugal pumps, Aussie Pumps has developed designs that are both innovative and have real benefits in terms of re- ducing maintenance costs.
“That’s a lot of money but represents top value for a world quality product of its calibre,” Mr Hales said.
“Then start the motor and, having purged the bowl of liquid on start-up, the vacuum created will draw liquid up through the suction line into the pump bowl.
These machines – fea- turing huge unique-design non-clog style impellers – will easily handle solids of upto50mminthe6”and 70mm in the 8” configura- tion.
The easily accessible clean-out port enables the operator to promptly clean the inside of the pump bowl in the event of a clog or to carry out inspections of the internals without dismantling the pump.
Aussie’s big trash han- dling pumps are claimed to represent first-class value for money.
ture integrated demisters. “When it comes to priming, it’s simple,” Mr
The big heavy duty cast- iron pumps are also de- signed to be more effi- cient, allowing major sav- ings to operators in terms of power consumption. Preventitive mainte- nance a must
Aussie Pumps’ chief en- gineer John Hales said, “Our experience with ab- attoirs, piggery operators and other livestock waste applications is that pre- ventative maintenance and inspections are essential.”
As an example, the 8” pump has the capacity to handle 7500L per minute flow and sells for well under $30,000.
to do is to fill the pump bowl with water through the priming plug, making sure the suction line is air tight and suitably sub- merged.
Even big trash pumps can clog, which is why Aussie incorporates a
Simple checks should be carried out on a weekly
Taking the trouble to check regularly for leaks at the seal end of the pump and doing a visual inspec- tion – including the tra- ditional vibration check of putting your hand on the pump to feel for any excessive movements and to listen for any unusual noises coming from the unit – can prevent major catastrophic failures, if pumps are allowed to “run themselves to death,” Mr Hales said.
“It’s so simple and avoids the use of submersibles that can be a major head- ache when they have to be hauled out of the pit for service.”
Aussie’s big pumps are world quality at a value packed price.
The pumps are four pole with pumps and motors
For more information, contact Aussie Pumps on 02 8865 3500, aussie or an au- thorised distributor located around Australia.
Aussie’s new 6” and 8” big pumps come on a heavy duty base plate with a long-coupled electric motor driving through a pedestal-mounted double- bearing arrangement.
It is on the website but also free of charge in hard- copy format, providing piggeries with a handy se- lection guide.
A brand-new Aussie GMP selection guide is now available for piggery operators.
Live yeast for sows and piglets
Microscopic yeast,
macroscopic effects !
LEVUCELL SB helps maintain a stable and positive microbiota and improve sow’s intestinal transit with less constipation in peri-partum. With optimized farrowing conditions and well-being, sows fed with LEVUCELL SB deliver vigorous piglets with a reduced risk of digestive troubles in newborn piglets.
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