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Doug Ross Overseas Travel Award 2019: call for applications
THE Doug Ross Over- seas Travel and Study Award provides a pro- fessional development and education experi- ence for young veteri- narians who have dem- onstrated an interest in pig production.
Candidates for selec- tion will be Australian citizens working in Aus- tralia in the final year of their veterinary degree course or having gradu- ated within the past five years.
They will have dem- onstrated an interest in pig production through working on pig farms, extra mural experience with pig veterinary practitioners, complet- ing a research project or a university assignment on pigs or currently working in a profession- al environment where they see pigs.
They may even be em- ployed in another branch of veterinary medicine but are interested in finding out more about pig practice and having a closer look.
For further informa- tion about the award, contact Ross Cutler at or 03 5255 5614 before September 30.
Application forms are available from Rachael Bryant at rachael.bry ant@australianpork.
The deadline for sub- missions is September 30, 2019.
The award winner for 2017-18 was Charles Sturt University vet- erinary graduate Molly Dunstan (pictured), who completed her degree in 2018.
Molly worked on pig farms in South Aus- tralia as a student and after graduation started work with Dr Barry Lloyd in Gawler, South Australia.
As a student, she as- sisted Ross Cutler who was lecturing at the CSU vet school at the time, with tutorials in- volving students in dis- cussions about pig pro- duction.
For her award, Molly
attended the Allen D. Leman Swine Confer- ence in pig health in Minneapolis-SaintPaul, Minnesota.
Her report to Australi- an Pork Limited reflect- ed new learning about gilt selection based, in part, on a minimum birth weight standard of 1.1kg.
“The Leman confer- ence is an annual in- ternational meeting for the global pig industry,” Molly said.
“It presents the latest on disease diagnostics, biosecurity and produc- tion.
“A highlight for me was the session on sow lifetime productivity.
“I thoroughly enjoyed my time at the Leman conference and the chance to network with some fantastic leaders in pig health and pro- duction.”
Molly’s report also showed an acute aware- ness of developments in truck biosecurity, some- thing of keen interest to Australia given the
threat of African swine fever and the spread of the disease in China as- sociated, among other things, with poor trans- port biosecurity.
The award provides an economy airfare from Australia to an international conference venue, registration fees and accommodation and living expenses for the period of the meet- ing.
The total value of the award is around $6000.
Candidates may put forward their own travel proposals and the selec- tion panel will consider these on their merits.
The award enables veterinarians who are interested in a career in the pig industry and food animal production to significantly improve their skills and build contacts that will stand them in great stead for their future career.
The award is support- ed by funds set aside from the Australian Pork Corporation and Pig Research and De- velopment Corporation at the time of the forma- tion of APL, a dona- tion from the Australian International Pig Veteri- nary Society 2000 or- ganising committee and a donation from Intervet Pty Ltd (now MSD Ani- mal Health).
The Doug Ross Over- seas Travel and Study Award recognises the contribution of the late Doug Ross (1947-2000) to the Australian pig in- dustry.
Doug was a veterinari- an who was passionately involved in the pig in- dustry and was a mentor for many people in the industry, including sev- eral veterinarians.
2017-18 Doug Ross Overseas Travel and Study Award winner Molly Dunstan at the Allen D. Leman Swine Conference in Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota. Photo: Dr Bernie Gleeson
Aussie Pumps’ dealer support team will hit the road at field day shows.
Field day season – water is the issue
THE Aussie Pumps team is ready for this season of field days across the country, with a clear recognition wa- ter security is the big- gest single issue.
The company launched its Drought Buster pro- gram late last year, de- signed to introduce farmers to more efficient ways of moving water at all levels.
The self-priming cen- trifugal pump range was fast tracked into a program to offer farm- ers reduced prices for diesel-drive pumps with extended payment terms.
High-pressure self- priming centrifugal pumps provide huge fuel savings.
Aussie Pumps’ formula was simple.
The company intro- duced big 3” and 4” portable Kubota diesel engine powered pumps marketed under the Drought Buster program.
The pumps come in heavy-duty galvanised
Most have electric
start as standard and can move water at rates of up to 2600l/pm.
The big Drought Buster pumps are even offered on 90-day payment terms through qualified Aus- sie Pump dealers called ‘Buy Now Pay Later’.
It’s just another way Aussie Pumps recognis- es the plight of farm- ers and at the same time acknowledges the huge debt the country has to the agriculture sector.
Farmers have helped the company develop what is the most advanced range of self-priming centrifu- gal portable pumps in the world.
The big pumps will be on display at field days around the country as part of this year’s pro- gram.
Water security the key
With people like Alan Jones, Barnaby Joyce, Twiggy Forest and many more supporting the cause, the drought af- fecting a huge percent- age of Australia’s farm- ing community cannot be ignored.
Aussie Pumps’ Brad Farrugia said, “We can do our bit by allowing farmers to move water the most efficient way possible and at the low- est cost.”
“We can also continue to promote the idea farm- ers should demand an infrastructure program to build dams that will harvest the water from where it is and move it to where it should be.” New pressure cleaners released
Aussie Pumps’ listens to farmers and acknowl- edges the huge feedback it gets from attending field days both directly and through its distribu- tor network.
“Our distributors are a terrific pipeline of feed- back about applications and requirements,” Far- rugia said.
“For example, we didn’t realise piggeries face re- al problems with clear- ing blocked drains and are doing it the hard way.
“Using a 4000 or 5000psi Aussie Cobra drain cleaner, drains can be cleared promptly, re- ducing the risk of disease within the piggery.”
The machine can also be used as a very ef- fective and time-saving pressure cleaner for rou- tine maintenance wash- down at the piggery.
The same principle ap- plies to feedlots, chicken farms and even for ma- chinery wash-down ap- plications.
New Scuds hit market
The new Scud pressure cleaners from Aussie Pumps will be displayed at field days around the country.
The machines feature the OH&S friendly Scud design with the frames now made from stainless steel, a major upgrade from the old hot-dipped galvanised versions of the past.
The stainless steel frames are not only aes- thetically pleasing but eliminate rust issues.
The machines are built to last and should be sized for the job to make sure the customer gets the right product the first time around.
“We’ll be giving in- struction sheets out on pressure cleaner applica- tion just to make sure farmers get the best ad- vice and are not saddled with buying a machine too small for the job,” Farrugia said.
Aussie Pumps’ was founded only 25 years ago.
It has grown from strength to strength and exports its products all around the world.
Watch out for Aussie Pumps’ products at field days around the country and get a taste of the huge advantages provid- ed by this innovative and customer-focused Aus- tralian company.
For more information on Aussie Pumps’ range of products, visit aussie- or contact Aussie Pumps’ distribu- tors throughout Austral- ia.
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