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from several studies have suggested differ- ent interventions may be required, other than including ZnO in wean- er diets, to best manage the causal agent of diar- rhoea.
The importance of having motivated, well- trained staff to manage the herd appropriately was raised by many speakers.
The ability of having stock people recognise early signs of post weaning diarrhoea is highly underrated – particularly when we know early interven-
tion results in better outcomes.
APL is currently in- vestigating in the area of alternatives to an- timicrobials, such as ZnO, to help manage post-weaning diar- rhoea.
Assoc Prof Eugeni Roura from the Univer- sity of Queensland is conducting a research project that aims to re- duce the quantity of un- digested feed available for bacterial fermenta- tion in the hindgut in weaner pigs through the inclusion of bitter com- pounds in the diet.
In previous studies, Eugeni found certain
bitter compounds slow the intestinal passage rate, allowing for more complete digestion of food and absorption of nutrients.
It is hoped the in- clusion of bitter com- pounds in weaner diets will reduce the risk of diarrhoea in wean- ers and thus the use of antimicrobials while improving growth per- formance and feed ef- ficiency.
For further informa- tion on items discussed in this article, please contact me on 0423 056 045 or heather.chan non@australianpork.
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Brad Thomason was rather chuffed at all the attention at his farewell dinner at Crown Towers Perth after 19 years as managing director at D’Orsogna and a lifetime in the meat and smallgoods industries.
Pork roast was
Brad Thomason’s
crowning glory
I WAS honoured to be one of a few friends and business colleagues to take centre stage as part of a roasting panel at the retirement dinner for D’Orsogna managing di- rector Brad Thomason at Crown Towers Perth on Friday, June 26.
They say every picture tells a story, so I’ll leave the many ‘crackling roast’ stories to your imagina- tion and the pictures on this page to give you a lit- tle taste of the night.
Needless to say, it was a great send-off for Brad af- ter 19 years at the helm of D’Orsogna and a lifetime in the meat and small- goods business.
With more than 100 people from overseas, in- terstate and Brad’s home- town of Perth assembled for a gala dinner, it was a worthy tribute to someone who has given so much to so many for so long.
I’ve had the professional privilege of working in PR
Cant Comment by BRENDON CANT
with Brad for more than 30 years during his time heading up George Weston Foods Meat & Dairy Divi- sion and D’Orsogna and it’s always been challenging,
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Page 4 – Australian Pork Newspaper, August 2019
Greig Smith is now D’Orsogna managing director.

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