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The author (second from right) captured the attention of D’Orsogna chairman Tony Iannello (left) and others at pre-dinner drinks.
Brad’s long-time PA Colleen Bassula with Neil and Barbara Reid.
Corey and Adrian Neira (D’Orsogna category analyst), Loreta D’Orsogna-Valentini, Paul Butcher (D’Orsogna marketing manager) and Gabi Oldmeadow watched the guest magician work his magic.
Son Kim and wife Norma happily put a lot of work into Brad’s retirement dinner, noting that he deserved a big send-off after he’d put in a lot of work over a lifetime.
Lola and Rob Wilson.
Pork roast was Brad Thomason’s crowning glory
Brad is very proud of his children Nicole (second left) and Kim (second right), pictured here with their partners and Brad’s granddaughters.
D’Orsogna senior business manager Franceso Taranto and D’Orsogna Board member Ian Thubron.
Brad Thomason and business colleague Jorg Reimer, who flew out from Germany for Brad’s retirement dinner.
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☛ from P4
never boring, sometimes amusing and even a little frustrating at times.
While a natural born leader and with the out- ward appearance and sometimes manner of a ‘tough nut’, Brad has not only a soft side, once you can find it, but, most im- portantly, he has always had honesty, integrity and goodwill at the forefront
of everything he does, in his business life and his personal life.
I wish him well in his future endeavours.
I know he’s accept- ed a Board position at D’Orsogna and may con- sider other offers.
I wish him well in his re- tirement, albeit he’s never been the retiring type, so he’ll have some work to do.
Australian Pork Newspaper, August 2019 – Page 5

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