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Going for the everyday
AS we move further into the new financial year, we are facing quite a few potential changes in both the global and local meat markets.
The combination of the drought and low pig pric- es is likely to cause less beef, lamb and pork to be available than last year.
On the global front, the decline of pig numbers as a result of African swine fever is likely to drive up global prices and it is possible to conceive the Australian pork premium versus global pork prices may decline.
However, in the world of the consumer, some things change a lot slower.
Marketing Matters
Minced meat and sau- sages are still a core in- gredient for many of the most popular meals in the country.
In addition, prices at re- tail for both beef mince and beef sausages have moved upwards over the
past six months.
From a consumer per-
spective, pork is now bet- ter value and pork mince and sausages are just as good and some might even argue better tasting.
With this in mind, the ‘Get Some Pork On Your Fork’ ads will continue to air every month un- til Christmas, highlight- ing pork’s versatility and value for money.
Pork sausage and button mushroom stroganoff.
Australian Pork Newspaper, August 2019 – Page 7
by PETER HAYDON General Manager Marketing
Pork and avocado black bean smash tacos.
Classic bangers and mash.
Protection and Profit
® Porcilis®
Long-term PCV2 immunity for performance and profit
A single vaccination (2 mL) to pigs from 3 weeks of age* Rapid onset of immunity with long-term protection Reduces viral load and shedding
Reduces mortality*
Reduces weight loss*
Increases average daily weight gain*
* During the fattening period. Refer to registered product label for full claim details. Refer to Technical brochure for details of trial data.
Intervet Australia Pty Limited trading as MSD Animal Health ABN 79 008 467 034 Toll free 1800 033 461
Amanda Vardanega 0427 011 579
Pan roasted pork chops with apple beans and red onion.
Pork and cranberry burgers.

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