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Page 14 – Australian Pork Newspaper, September 2017
Aussie Pumps’ Pat Grochowski and Hamish Lorenz pulled another Ultra ‘A’ class machine off the line.
Pig farmers stay safe
AUSSIE Pumps has lifted production of its 4000psi Ultra Class A pressure cleaners to meet the increased demand of farmers and piggery op- erators.
Professionals using high-pressure water-blast- ing equipment are now looking for machines with the maximum capability that fall into the Class A operator category.
The new safety stand- ards (AS/NZS 4322.1) ap- ply to all users of high- pressure cleaners.
Machines are catego- rised according to their performance levels.
Class A machines fall under 5600 bar/litres per minute.
That means machines that have performance levels in excess of 4000psi and more than 20l/pm.
It is mandatory that op- erators of Class B ma- chines are formally certi- fied by trainers operating under the auspices of a registered training organi- sation.
Aussie Pumps chief en- gineer John Hales said, “The realisation that the world has changed with the new safety standards is still sinking in.”
“Many pig farmers us- ing professional pressure cleaners do not realise that under the new stand- ards they should now be certified and their ma- chines re-equipped with
essentialcomponents. “These include e-stops, hose-protection devices and, in certain applica- tions, foot valve control-
Aussie Pumps was fast
to respond to the new standards by modifying its Ultra 4000psi, 20l/pm machine so it falls into the Class A category.
“The A-Series machine is completely compliant with the new standards but doesn’t require the operator to be certified,” Hales said.
Aussie Pumps has also set up a Class A training program free of charge for all operators.
“We’re glad that our training program has been so warmly received by the market since,” Hales said.
“We’re willing to go the extra mile to ensure op- erators of our machines stay safe on the job.
“Our efforts in this di- rection are all part of our ‘Safe Operator’ program.
“Our slogan of ‘faster, smarter, safer’ is not just empty words but a man- tra by which the company operates.
“It drives our advanced, innovative designs and reinforces a clear under- standing that we are out to cut times, improve effi- ciency and reduce operat- ing costs.
“We expect the market to continue to embrace the new Ultra ‘A’ model and to come with us on a jour- ney of helping to make users safer and more ef- ficient.”
This heavy-duty ma- chine is part of Aussie Pumps’ registered award- winning ‘Scud’ design.
The Scud series delivers better results and offers users OH&S advantages not found in other units.
For example, the Scud design has virtually no ‘sharps’ and its ergonom- ics allow easy movement on site.
“The weight distribu- tion and four big 13” steel wheels with flat-free tyres make the blaster extreme- ly manoeuvrable,” Hales said.
“Farmers won’t have to compromise when it comes to cleaning.
“The machine is super easy to push around.”
The Ultra packs real whack and when used with an Aussie Pumps heavy-duty turbolance delivers a whopping pres- sure rating of 6800psi.
That turbo rating does not impact on the clas- sification of the machine, which is always rated based on its pump bar/li- tres per minute rating, not the impact or effective- ness of the work being carried out.
Further information in- cluding a free catalogue is available from aussie
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