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A show of concern
Media campaign set to intensify
Marketing Matters
THE ‘Get Some Pork On Your Fork’ cam- paign has been suc- cessful so far and con- sumers are set to hear it more often as the media campaign inten- sifies during the cur- rent industry climate.
In addition, consumers in the west will also be targeted further in com- ing months.
To continue growing consumer appeal, addi- tional advertising will air between now and Easter in order to drive short-term demand.
We are working with Western Australian pro- ducers on an addition- al media spend there, which will be matched by local producers and, also, targeting signifi- cant state government support.
We’re implementing an aggressive strategy to help continue build- ing demand.
Christmas is obviously a vital time for our in- dustry, with an oppor- tunity to get roasts and Aussie hams on the fes- tive table and we want to make sure we’re front of mind.
dustry and a traditional production peak.
This aims to tackle the current hardship that is a result of oversupply in the west and exacerbat- ing the national situation.
by PETER HAYDON General Manager Marketing
The Board has ap- proved additional in- vestment in advertis- ing to ensure we can step up our Christmas campaign, but also in- tensify activity in the period from September to Easter.
The additional invest- ment in advertising also seeks to address the risk of a total meat con- sumption decline.
The Australian Pork Limited investment is receiving a signifi- cant boost to return on investment due to the commitments from the WA producers and hopefully the Western Australian Government.
The second period, that is encompassing Chinese New Year and Easter, coincides with the critical time for in-
Our plan involves exe- cuting the same success- ful pork roast creative for Christmas that we’ve used for the past couple of years.
MORE than 100 Queens- land pork producers and industry personnel gathered at two industry meetings held at Mur- gon and Dalby during August, engaging with Australian Pork Limited relative to the devastat- ing financial situation Australian pork farmers are currently experienc- ing.
organisations can provide producers.
the QRIDA and QRFCS are great points of con- tact and will direct you to support as required, as is PQI, with any contact being confidential.
Producers at the meet- ings stated they were los- ing an average of 40c/kg on pigs sent to market, and with increasing grain prices as a result of the drought, many producers will need to arrange ad- ditional financial support to continue operating.
A number of producers have availed themselves of this service to better understand their financial options and dealing with the stress of the implica- tions.
Producers should have a plan to deal with the current crisis and include support required to ad- dress a prolonged recov- ery into next year, should it eventuate.
With no definitive end to the impacts of oversupply of pigs and extreme grain prices, many produc- ers declared they had no choice but to reduce mat- ings or in extreme cases stop altogether and wind down their business.
Pork Queensland Inc provided details of the ap- proaches being made to seek greater support for producers in financial stress, and while govern- ments had not moved on supporting intensive livestock producers with freight subsidies akin to the drought-affected gra- ziers, they have reduced the barriers to other finan- cial support loans.
Let’s hope the drought is broken sooner than later and provides some relief while we wait for a bal- ance of supply and de- mand.
Thanks to Sara Wil- lis from the Queensland Department of Agricul- ture and Fisheries who chaired the meetings at which APL presented the most recent data regard- ing farm productivity and slaughter numbers.
PQI has also offered all producers in Queensland 12 months free member- ship during this current crisis and has extended a membership of $200 to industry associates to support our industry and PQI activities.
Protection and Pro t
Porcilis® PCV
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Reduces mortality*
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Intervet Australia Pty Limited trading as MSD Animal Health ABN 79 008 467 034 Toll free 1800 033 461
Amanda Vardanega 0427 011 579
Interestingly, produc- tion survey figures col- lected by APL showed in- creased herd performance accounted for more than half the increased slaugh- ter numbers, along with the impact of an increase in the number of sows on farm.
Any other producers or associates not registered at the industry meet- ings who would like to join PQI should contact me on 0407 622 166.
Officers from the Queensland Rural Finan- cial Counselling Service and Queensland Rural and Industry Develop- ment Authority presented details of the support their
Given the stress of the current crisis, producers and delegates are urged to keep the lines of commu- nication open with nearby producers, providing at least a supportive ear for those in need.
I remind all producers
Funds available to advance agtech innovation
THE Department of Pri- mary Industries and Re- gional Development has made funding available to stimulate further inno- vation in the agricultural technology sector.
novation hub, access to mentoring and network- ing events and the op- portunity to work along- side like-minded people to stimulate synergies and collaboration.”
The assistance will en- able recipients to par- ticipate in the Combine Agtech Hub, a Perth- based initiative that sup- ports emerging agtech businesses.
The funding is a part of the department’s commit- ment to advance agtech in Western Australia and complements other initia- tives, including the Digital Farm Grants program, the recent AgTech Hackathon and support to attend the HARVEST AgTech Ac- celerator program.
Department of Agribusi- ness and Food Investment lead Susan Hall said the funds would assist appli- cants to transform their concepts and designs into digital solutions.
“Agtech has become an essential component of successful agricultural businesses, which enables WA enterprises to oper- ate and compete in an increasingly fast-paced, global marketplace,” Ms Hall said.
“This is a wonderful op- portunity for fledging start- ups and people with a great agtech business idea to de- velop their plans in a safe and stimulating environ- ment,” Ms Hall said.
Applications to par- ticipate in the Combine Agtech Hub can be made via bine
“Successful applicants will receive free access to state-of-the-art office space at the Flux in-
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