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Ingelvac CircoFLEX is still the number-one choice for PCVAD control
INGELVAC Circo- FLEX was the first in the FLEX family of swine vaccines and has built a reputation over the past decade for pro- viding safe, effective control of porcine circo- virus associated disease in pigs with a single dose.
Porcine circovirus type 2 vaccines are routine- ly used worldwide, and stringent manufacturing processes are necessary to maintain batch-to- batch consistency to en- sure consistent efficacy and safety of biological PCV2 vaccines.
The batch-to-batch con- sistency of Ingelvac Cir- coFLEX has been con- firmed in a clinical lab challenge study, and there is data to demonstrate that Ingelvac CircoFLEX displayed consistent effi- cacy measured in average daily gain.
PCV2 infections can have serious consequenc- es, not only in piglets, but also in sows.
In the acute phase of PCVAD, it provides sig- nificant reduction in mor- tality and culls, while in the chronic phase of the disease, it is associated with improved growth rates.
Ingelvac CircoFLEX, with its unique safety profile, is now also ap- proved for use in preg- nant and lactating sows.
While viraemia is not correlated with ADG in vaccinated pigs, Ingelvac CircoFLEX still provides the reassurance of con- sistent reductions in vi- raemia and viral load in vaccinated animals.
Sow vaccination com- plements vaccination of piglets and gilts to help ensure protection of the whole herd.
It is understandable the business chose Gorman- Rupp wastewater pumps for its wastewater appli- cations, but it also chose Gorman-Rupp pumps for pond water transfer as well.
Gorman-Rupp’s Super T and Ultra V Series self- priming pumps are used extensively by water au- thorities, councils and heavy industry for their ruggedness, reliability and self-priming capabilities.
All applications required self-priming pumps, so the abattoir chose the most rugged and reliable brand on the market for all its self-priming pump needs.
Being self-priming, pumps can be located above the water – not in it, making servicing and maintenance much easier.
As the general transfer pumps needed to handle a certain level of grit, these
Ingelvac CircoFLEX provides this proven effi- cacy without compromis- ing safety.
Ingelvac CircoFLEX.
PCVAD control.
The recommended In-
coFLEX any time from 14 days of age onwards to provide premium protec- tion without compromis- ing safety.
associated reproductive failure after introduction into the sow herd.
For more information on Ingelvac CircoFLEX or the unique three-tiered vaccination strategy, con- tact your veterinarian or Boehringer Ingelheim Animal Health Territory Manager.
There is data to dem- onstrate local reactions following vaccination are no different to those seen with a saline injection when used as per label instructions, creating less stress for the pig, as dem- onstrated by its minimal impact on willingness to approach.
A single dose of Ingel- vac CircoFLEX consist- ently protects pig popu- lations from the signifi- cant health impacts of PCVAD, making it the number-one choice for
1. Piglets: Vaccination of piglets with a single 1ml dose of Ingelvac Cir-
2.Gilts: Vaccination of gilts with Ingelvac Cir- coFLEX after selection or during quarantine to protect them from PCV2
Ingelvac CircoFLEX is the only PCVAD vac- cine approved for use in pregnant and lactating sows
Infected sows may not present any obvious signs but still transmit PCV2 through the pla- centa to the embryos and foetuses.
It can be used at all stages of pregnancy and lactation to protect sows from PCV2 infection and does not interfere with the protection of piglets vaccinated with
Reliable protection for the whole herd
gelvac CircoFLEX vac- cination strategy now consists of a compre- hensive three-tiered ap- proach:
3. Sows: Vaccination of pregnant and lactating sows with Ingelvac Cir- coFLEX to reduce clini- cal signs associated with PCV2, including repro- ductive losses.
Consistent protection, every time
More than two billion pigs globally have been vaccinated with Ingel- vac CircoFLEX in the field to date
This can lead to death and reabsorption of em- bryos and thereby to smaller litter sizes or re- turn to oestrus.
Ingelvac Circo- FLEX was the first PC- VAD one-dose vaccine in Australia for the reduc- tion of the early and late forms of PCVAD.
Piglets infected in-utero that are born alive can also have the disease in- cubating even before they get vaccinated against PCV2, thus can poten- tially go on to develop PCVAD despite vaccina- tion.
Abattoir selects Gorman- Rupp self-priming pumps
AN Australian abattoir recently took delivery of nine Gorman-Rupp self- priming pumps.
pumps were supplied with Gorman-Rupp ‘Hard Iron’ internals to extend their service life, and Gorman- Rupp Super T Series sew- age pumps were supplied for the wastewater appli- cations.
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