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Low-cost aeration for wastewater
SELF-aspirating ejec- tors are highly effi- cient, low-maintenance wastewater systems.
series submersible with a large-channel impeller. Using a venturi ac- tion, wastewater passing through the pump draws air from the surface via
the surface on a chain. “Tsurumi applies the same no-compromise design philosophy to these units as they do to their submersible pumps. “Anti-wicking cable entry, dual silicon car- bide mechanical seal encapsulated in an oil chamber, patented oil lifter and abrasion-re- sistant materials are all
ants and operators.
The practical guide
The dual-purpose units both promote the aero- bic breakdown process of the waste and keep the solids in the mixture from settling in the tank.
shows how aerators and bar screens can be used for the best results.
These units consist of a modified Tsurumi B series sewage submers- ible pump with a diffuser assembly attached to the discharge port.
horizontally discharged at high pressure, causing a stirring current.
They are simple to maintain and have the option for installation on guide rails.
This leads to highly ef- ficient aeration, with the benefit of keeping solids in suspension rather than settling to the bottom of the tank.
part of the package.”
A comprehensive Wastewater Equipment Selection Guide has been produced in conjunc- tion with the Japanese Sewerage Works Asso- ciation and provides a wide range of valuable information for consult-
The guide also pro- vides data on oxygen transfer rates and direc- tions for installation.
Available from Aussie Pumps, the Tsurumi- built ejectors are called the BER series.
“These aerators are as easy to install as a nor- mal submersible pump,” Bennett said.
For a copy of the guide or further information on the BER series of ejectors, contact Neil Bennett at the Aussie Pumps Industrial Divi- sion on 02 8865 3500.
an intake pipe.
The mixture is then
Submersible aeration equipment can be used in batteries, in conjunc- tion with submersible sewage pumps, to cut aeration costs and in- crease flexibility.
“For maintenance, they can be simply pulled to
Tsurumi was a pioneer in the use and applica- tion of submersible aera- tors, with livestock op- erators in Japan quickly realising the system’s economy when com- pared to conventional blowers or paddle wheel- style aeration equipment.
Aussie Pumps Tsurumi product manager Neil Bennett said, “We see livestock producers, ab- attoirs and food process- ing plants all have waste- water handling issues.”
“These ejectors are significantly lower cost than other aeration meth- ods, so offer real savings in installation costs for these applications.”
The self-aspirating ejectors consist of a B
Easy to install, simple to maintain, the Tsurumi ejectors offer a low-cost, effi- cient solution to wastewater treatment.
International Bacon Day and Australian Bacon Awards
INTERNATIONAL Ba- con Day and Father’s Day recently aligned, making it the perfect time to enjoy an Aussie Bacon Bonanza.
“In fact, we’ve just an- nounced the winners of the annual Australian Ba- con Awards.”
State winners were also announced,makingiteas- ier for people to get their hands on award-winning bacon.
Just in time for the cel- ebrations, Australia’s best bacon was revealed.
Campbell’s Superior Meats, West Pymble NSW, was named Aus- tralia’s Best Bacon after taking out the state and national Short Cut Bacon titles.
“Congratulations to the winners as this year’s judging revealed some spectacular full rasher and short cut bacon,” Mr Haydon said.
Australian Pork Limited General Manager of Mar- keting Peter Haydon said, “International Bacon Day is a global celebration and Father’s Day is an event that brings families to- gether, so we encouraged people to make it an Aus- sie Bacon Bonanza and enjoy 100 percent Aus- tralian bacon all week- end!”
Specialistjudges,fleisch- meister Horst Schurger and chefs Simon Bestley and Adam Moore, as- sessed the appearance, aroma and taste of 125 entries, with Big Coun- try Meats n Foods, Coffs Harbour NSW, the other big winner, taking out the title of Best Full Rasher Bacon.
“Why not taste our winners for yourself or get creative in the kitch- en serving up delicious Aussie bacon for brekky, lunch, dinner or even des- sert.
“Many people are shocked to learn that 70 percent of bacon sold here is made from imported pork, but there are plenty of great-tasting, high- quality products made in Australian from 100 per- cent Aussie pork.
The judges described the winning bacon from Campbell’s Superior Meats as having an excel- lent and neat appearance, great salty smoke profile and being an excellent product overall.
“When you buy your ba- con, remember to check it is made with 100 percent Australian pork by look- ing for the pink PorkMark logo or reading the label to ensure it’s made from at least 70 percent Austral- ian ingredients.”
For all the results, recipe inspiration and more in- formation, visit au
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