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New R&D investments – production and environment
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and optimise gas pro- duction from these sys- tems to increase biogas yields, energy yields and income. A robust labora- tory method for deter- mining volatile solids in effluent from Australian piggeries, available to industry and able to be applied by commercial laboratories at the lowest possible cost per sam- ple will result from this project.
A national monitoring and evaluation survey is also being commissioned to enable A PL to bet- ter understand on-farm awareness and adoption of a range of technologies produced over the past couple of years from industry-funded R&D projects.
As required by Australian Pork Limited’s (APL) constitution, one elected director of Australian Pork Limited will resign at the AGM being held on 15 November 2018. The elected director position will become vacant on Thursday
15 November 2018. Delegates will vote to elect a candidate to the vacant position at the AGM.
Nominations are being called for the APL elected director vacancy. A producer member of APL
or a member of the APL Board can nominate a person(s) to stand for election.
The Funding Agreement between APL and the Commonwealth Government (DAWR) and the APL Constitution both require the appointment of a ‘skills-based Board’. To ensure a skills-based Board is maintained, nominated candidates who are not existing Directors of the Board are required to provide a curriculum vitae together with a statement speci cally addressing:
Demonstrated experience of:
• production and processing
Understanding of:
• prioritising R&D requirements and their
applicability in the industry.
The candidate’s statement should also address their potential contribution to the following collective Board core skill and experience competencies:
a. Governance and  nancial management b. Government relations and public policy
administration c. Food industry
d. Promotion and marketing
e. Market development and international
f. R&D administration (project management) g. R&D commercialisation and technology
h. Conservation and natural resource
i. Business and management acumen.
The APL Board HR & Remuneration Committee will review all nominations received to deter- mine the impact of each candidate’s skills on the maintenance of a skills-based Board.
Nominated candidates must provide a consent to the nomination. Nominations for these positions close at 5.00pm on Wednesday
10 October 2018.
For further information, to nominate a candi- date(s) or to obtain a consent to nomination form please contact:
Mr Damien Howse
Company Secretary, Australian Pork Limited PO Box 4746, Kingston ACT 2604
Phone: 02 6270 8805
Technology adoption
I’d also like to take this opportunity to advise you of the APL-funded ‘Evidence of absence’ be- ing delivered by Animal Health Australia.
The diseases that sam- ples are being tested for are: porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome, swine coronaviruses (transmissible gastroen- teritis), swine coronavi- ruses (porcine epidemic diarrhoea), Aujeszky’s disease, porcine tescho- virus encephalomyelitis (formerly porcine entero- virus encephalomyelitis), classical swine fever and African swine fever.
This project is to be undertaken by Down to Earth Resources and will involve telephone inter- views with producers.
This project aims to ob- tain evidence to enable us to ensure unnecessary import conditions are not applied to Australian pork exports and that Austral- ian import policy (condi- tions applied to imported products) is science based.
In relation to ASF, we are currently finalising a fact sheet that will be placed on our website shortly.
I encourage all produc- ers who are contacted to participate in this short interview so we can ob- tain your feedback.
Each pig veterinar- ian has been requested to identify a small number of cases with syndromes of interest and collect samples for testing at the relevant state government animal health laboratory
For further informa- tion on any of the topics discussed in this article, please do not hesitate to contact me on 0423 056 045 or heather.channon@
This survey will assist us to continuously im- prove how we communi- cate with you all to allow you to be aware of the latest R&D outcomes that may have application in your piggeries, both now and into the future.
in the role of manager, Technology Adoption and Industry Capability that was previously held by Ashley Norval.
(which may be forwarded to AAHL for further test- ing).
Rachael can be contact- ed on 02 6270 8823 or rachael.bryant@australi
Evidence of absence project
Veterinarians have been requested to advise pro- ducers that samples from their herd are being sent for exotic disease exclu- sion testing as part of this project as ‘proof of free- dom’.
Australia’s pork trading partners regularly inquire on the status of disease in the Australian pig herd.
Live yeast for sows and piglets
Microscopic yeast,
macroscopic effects !
LEVUCELL SB improves sows’digestive comfort and stimulates feed intake during lactation, even under heat stress conditions. Sows fed LEVUCELL SB quickly establish lactation and better use their body reserves, which, in turn, helps enhance the growth and survival rate of litters at weaning.
T: 1300 247 448 | E:
As previously advised, the Pork CRC Bench- marking program is tran- sitioning to APL and work continues to set this up from an IT perspective so participation by produc- ers is easy (from a data entry perspective) as well as ensuring rigour in data management, through the implementation of busi- ness rules, to guarantee privacy of data submitted by each participant.
Broadly, the program involves:
• Data collection via your already existing Pig- Pass portal (using your PigPass login).
• Data to be submitted monthly (currently it is submitted quarterly).
• All data will be prima- ry (that is, key perform- ance indicators directly downloadable from any herd recording program).
• There is no minimum farm size or specific pro- duction type.
• There is no cost for involvement.
• Meetings will be held every six months where those involved in the pro- gram are encouraged to attend – it is hoped that in time these will be region- al meetings (dependant on the size of the group). The next benchmarking meet- ing will be held in late November.
Please contact Ashley Norval at ashley.norval@ or myself if you would like to become involved with the APL Benchmarking program or require fur- ther information.
I am also very pleased to advise that Rachael Bry- ant has now commenced
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