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August was a big month for birthdays. Richard Evison, Westpork Production manager, celebrated his 50th in style on August 1, with a surprise party thrown by his delightful wife Alison waterside at Blue HQ in Fremantle. The author enjoyed helping down some nice reds and, of course, plenty of pulled pork.
Western Meat Packers staff Adrian Walsh, Lui Rinaldi and Tammy Collins played big parts in the filming of an episode of Delish at the company’s Margaret River farm.
‘Planty’ splendidly strut- ted his stuff at the compa- ny’s splendid Mount Bark- er outdoor piggery with his usual swagger, befit- ting this big English-born rugby union player, albeit he’s long retired from the front row and more likely these days to take a posi- tion on the sidelines.
• Western Australia’s Great Southern Region is
• Feeding time is done in the most natural way, so they have to forage for their food.
Check out the Planta- genet Pork website plan for some yummy pork reci- pes and the full story.
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Page 8 – Australian Pork Newspaper, September 2018
Prime time for plating up plentiful pork
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PUTTING wonderful Western Australian fresh farm produce on televi- sion always leaves a good taste in my mouth.
pig farming heaven. The water is pure and the cool- er temperatures are ideal.
moved for the benefit of the environment. The old farm is churned and then re-cropped.
That’s why I was recent- ly delighted to help film a soon to be aired episode of Delish (shown locally Sunday nights on Chan- nel Nine and nationally on 9Life), featuring my cli- ent Western Meat Packers, whose ‘delish’ (had to say it) Margaret River Fresh grass-fed beef striploin re- cently won champion beef at the 2018 Perth Royal Food Awards.
• The light, sandy, free- draining soil and clean environment of the Great Southern makes for the perfect spot to farm free range pigs.
•For such a high standard quality of pig, it doesn’t come cheap. There’s a greater expense involved when breeding free range, but the wel- fare of the animal and superiority in taste is all worth it, and the consum- er seems to agree!
As if all my birthdays had come at once, only three days earlier on the very day of the most re- cent memorial to my birth (that is, August 19), Del- ish aired a fabulous fea-
• Plantagenet Pork is one of the nation’s main free- range pork producers, lead- ing the way in ethical food production with a free- range sustainable model.
• Plantagenet Pork won Champion Pork at the 2018 Perth Royal Food Awards.
ture on Plantagenet Pork, starring none other than Milne Agrigroup (PP par- ent) Monogastric manager and Australian Pork Lim- ited Board Member David Plant.
for sustainability and it’s good for the environment, plus the quality in taste is far superior.
• For Plantagenet Pork, raising happy pigs is very important. The farmers make sure there is very little interference with the pig. The piglets are not touched, there’s no iron injecting, teeth clipping or tail docking and no antibiotics or arti- ficial growth promotion is given.
• Plantagenet Pork is RSPCA-credited and APIQP free-range cred- ited to industry standards.
Anyway, Theo Kalo- geracos, originally best known here in the west for his prized pizzas in the eastern hills, headed down to WA’s very green and very cool Great Southern to visit what Delish de- scribed as “a free-range pig farmer that provides exceptional-quality pork”.
Among many quotable quotes by ‘Pork Producer Plant’ and some by ‘Pork Presenter Theo’, were these little gems:
• Free range farming isn’t a cheap way of farm- ing, but it is so important
Delish program host Scott Taylor (left) interviewed Lui Rinaldi at Western Meat Packers’ Margaret River farm. Lui was a star in the pork industry for 35 years with Watsons and Craig Mostyn Group before joining WMPG almost a year ago.
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