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A great performance from the Cairns Chinese Association at the SunPork conference welcome BBQ.
Great turn out at 2019 Australian Pig Veterinarians Conference
CAIRNS proved to be an excellent venue for the meeting of the Austral- ian Pig Veterinarians.
One hundred delegates comprising veterinarians
in practice, industry and government, around 30 speakers and many other industry representatives met from July 31 to Au- gust 2.
Veterinarians ranged from those retired but still with a very active interest in the industry – Dr John Holder from Sydney to Dr Andres Ardila who has just joined the pig team at Boehringer-Ingelheim.
The speaker travelling the least distance was producer Robyn Boundy from Mareeba.
Dr Mandy Nevel from the UK would have trav- elled the greatest distance to attend.
The Annual General Meeting of the APV saw some changes, with Dr Merideth Parke from EW Nutrition handing over the president’s role to Dr Susan Dawson of Portec/ Apiam.
The other new member of the APV committee is Dr Yvette Pollock from Sunpork who joins Regina Fogarty, Anke Woeckel, Jon Bartsch and Merideth Parke who are staying on from the old committee.
The committee are grateful for the sponsor- ship received from plati- num sponsor APL, gold sponsors MSD, Zoetis and Boehringer-Ingelheim, silver sponsors Jefo, Kemin and Feedworks and bronze sponsors Bi- omin, ADM and Treidlia.
While the conference dinner at Dundee’s restau- rant on the waterfront was an excellent social night and was well attended, the social highlight was defi- nitely the poolside func- tion on the opening night.
The welcome drinks and BBQ were sponsored by Sunpork.
Just prior to dinner, and sponsored by Internation- al Animal Health, the Cairns Chinese Associa- tion put on an informative and cultural feast of Lion Dancing and celebrations for the Year of the Pig.
The big and little lions and the very pregnant pig danced their way through the crowd to traditional drums and cymbals.
The lion a symbol of power, wisdom, and good fortune, chases away evil spirits and brings happi- ness, longevity, and good luck.
The Chinese Associa-
tion even left two of their blow pigs with us over the conference to bring good luck in this auspi- cious year.
Next year the conference looks to be heading to Melbourne.
Scientific Program Highlights
With a major theme of antimicrobial steward- ship, the program looked closely at AMS, antimi- crobial resistance and al- ternative strategies to an- timicrobials.
For the second year in a row, Dr Mark Schipp, Australia’s chief veteri- nary officer attended the conference providing an update on A MS issues na- tionally and internation- ally.
Mareeba producer, Ro- byn Boundy spoke on the industry’s need to contin- ue a proactive approach to the challenges it faces, including on AMS and AMR.
speaker Dr
Nevel gave a detailed as- sessment of the need for national pig industries to adopt measurement of antimicrobial use to al- low informed discussion on the use of antimicrobi- als to support the health and welfare of production pigs.
Working in the UK slaughter levy funded Agricultural and Horticul- tural Development Board,
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Page 10 – Australian Pork Newspaper, September 2019
Delegates enjoyed the dinner and show at the SunPork welcome BBQ.
Anke Woeckel (right) presented at the conference and is also a member of the APV committee.
Mark Schipp (left) and Robyn Boundy (right) gave excellent presentations.
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