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Cost effective farm fire protection
AUSSIE Pump’s new weapon this fire sea- son is a big four-inch high-pressure fire pump that’s ideal for property and shed protection.
Called the QPT405SLT, it is a cost-effective op- tion for using dam water to supply a fire main for property protection.
The four-inch twin im- peller diesel powered fire pump features a three- way outlet.
These means the pump can supply two three-inch discharge hoses or one four-inch hose.
These can be used as a fire main or even set up as a spray system for cooling sheds.
The self-priming pump
uses twin impeller tech- nology to provide high pressure and flow.
It can deliver pressures in excess of 125 psi and flows of up to 46,200 litres per hour.
Its simple design makes it a cost-effective solution that is robust and easy to maintain.
Apart from the excep- tional capability, the pump has the ability to self-prime from depths of seven meters.
That’s a huge advantage as there is no need to prime the entire suction line prior to starting the pump.
The big pump is pow- ered by a Kohler air cooled diesel engine developing 12kW pow-
er at 3600 rpm.
A big 60L long range
fuel tank mounted in the heavy-duty steel base enables the unit to run continuously for up to 16 hours of running times.
The skid mount is a ‘sled’ design and is fit- ted as standard with an integrated lifting bar that enables it to be easily moved around the site.
The pump body itself is manufactured from non- corrosive high-grade alu- minium.
The twin impellers are also made from heavy duty alloy castings oper- ating within heavy duty volute casings.
The Aussie four-inch pump will prime fast in 20 seconds from low suc-
tion heads and takes up to two minutes to prime from five or six metres.
Aussie Pumps product manager, Brad Farrugia said, “This pump was recently installed on a waste reclamation prop- erty supplying the fire main used to protect re- cycled timber stockpiles.
“This pump was chosen because of its perform- ance and self-priming ability and the feedback from site is very posi- tive.”
Further information on the new twin impel- ler QPT-405SLTD with Kohler air cooled engine is available from Austral- ian Pump Industries or Aussie Pump Distributors throughout Australia.
Veolia’s timber recycling facility at Horsley Park is protected from spontaneous combustion by an Aussie self-priming four-inch diesel drive high pressure pump.
Philippines on alert for swine fever as pig deaths rise
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REPORTS from local news site, Phil Star, say the authorities in the Philippines are already culling pigs in an area of Luzon and a crisis man- agement team has been established in efforts to contain the possible entry of African swine fever.
The Bureau of Animal Industry has reported an increased mortality of pigs raised by farmers in their backyards, but fur- ther laboratory tests were needed to confirm any outbreak of swine fever, Agriculture Secretary William Dar announced on August 19.
The Southeast Asian nation put safeguards in place this past year to protect its $5 billion hog industry from the highly contagious disease, for which there is no cure and no vaccine.
It has so far banned pork and pork-based products from more than a dozen countries, including Vi-
etnam, Laos and China, where the outbreak has spread throughout the mainland, as well as to Hong Kong.
The crisis team will im- plement measures to “man- age, contain and control the suspected animal disease or diseases,” Dar said in a media briefing.
He had directed the bu- reau to conduct further confirmatory laboratory tests, including sending blood samples to foreign laboratories, to determine the cause of the pigs’ deaths.
Dar declined to specify the areas where the deaths occurred and said the tests would be completed in two weeks at the earliest.
The Philippines’ import ban also covers pork and pork-based products from Germany, North Korea, Belgium, Hungary, Lat- via, Poland, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Moldova, South Africa, Zambia, and Mongolia.
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