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action to further ensure the biosecurity and safety of future feed and
livestock production.
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Anti-viral activity of pHorce in feed
Impellers have a rea-
inspection door built high-quality Euro-
sonably small diameter
into the front of the unit.
pean 22kW electric 415v, 50Hz motor – the pump is no light- weight, weighing in at 275kg and mounted on a steel base.
with high veins al-
Aussie Pumps chief engineer John Hales said: “It’s the inspec- tion door that allows clean-up of the im- peller chamber without dismantling pipework or hoses, and we de- signed the impeller so it would pass spherical solids up to 19mm in diameter.”
lowing the passing of
large solids in suspen- sion.
The downside of these pumps has been the limited heads de- livered often top out at around 20m.
“These units were designed for opera- tors in piggeries, sale- yards, dairy farms and chicken feeding estab- lishments,” Mr Hales said.
Aussie Pumps has designed a new high- pressure semi-trash pump with truly amazing performance.
With a maximum flow of 1200 litres per minute, the pump’s performance is excep- tional.
“We know customers want to not only pump the liquid but often to pump it a fair distance fromtheyard–toa holding pond or some form of irrigation.”
An addition to the Aussie Pumps GMP semi-trash pump range, the pump combines the ability to handle solids in suspension with a maximum head of 80m.
A major advantage is the ability to self-prime through a vertical lift of 6m, allowing it to pump from the pit and then distribute liquid effluent at pressure.
Aussie Pumps in- tends to bring a wide range of high-pressure semi-trash pumps to the market.
The pump is self- priming and in mono- bloc execution, with a
“We know there’s a gap in the market and that a no-nonsense heavy-duty cast-iron pump such as this – with its unique ca- pacity – has huge ap- plication,” Mr Hales said.
multi-blade open im-
peller. a maximum liquid
It is fitted with spe- temperature of 70C
cial silicon carbide and its 3” ports en-
* Dee SA, Niederwerder MC, Edler R, et al. mechanical seals and sure solid-laden liquid
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Transbound Emerg Dis. 2020;00:1–13.
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High-pressure effluent pumps
TRASH pumps and semi-trash pumps used for handling ef- fluent are tradition- ally low pressure be- cause of the design of the impeller.
O ce: 02 9477 7
Jim Hughes: 041
High-pressure and effluent handling? The new Aussie Pumps high-pressure semi-trash pump does the trick.
For further infor- mation, including free comprehensive catalogues, contact an Aussie Pumps dis- tributor or visit aussie
Stainless steel Grade 316 versions are also available for getting rid of wash-down waste- water, often heavily laden with caustics.
8 574 717
m PART of Anpario’s acid
based eubiotic range,
No evidence of SVA or PRRS infection was ob- served in pigs consuming feed supplemented with pHorce at 3kg per metric tonne, however evidence of infection – SVA, PEDV and PRRS – and clinical signs were apparent in the positive control popula- tion.
pHorce is a concen-
trated blend of pure
liquid formic and propi-
onic acids on a unique
mineral carrier delivery llensygsetemo–declh.osen to en- sure maximum efficacy during feed manufacture and throughout the gas-
trointestinal tract. Recent trial work sup-
feed bin room.
Viral challenge was
for clinical illness (if ap- parent) 15 days post-in- oculation and pigs were observed daily for clinical signs of infection.
No clinical signs asso- ciated with any disease were seen in pHorce sup- plemented pigs.
ported by Anpario has shown positive results of including pHorce in feed that was co-infected with porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus, porcine epidemic diarrhea virus and Seneca virus A.
administered on days zero and six using the ‘ice block model’, where known volumes of SVA, PRRSV and PEDV were provided in a suitable frozen media, which would melt and permeate the feed before it was au- gured into the designated room.
All samples were evalu- ated for viral presence by polymerase chain reac- tion and nucleic acid se- quencing.
Pigs supplemented with pHorce exhibited lower mortality and a significant increase in average daily gain compared to the posi- tive control treatment.
Feed was identified as a potential risk for con- tamination of porcine epi- demic diarrhea virus and subsequently, the risk to feed associated with other viruses had been identi- fied.
Feeder samples were collected on days zero, six and 15 post-inoculation of the feed.
In addition, performance parameters of start and end body weight and mor- tality were collected from all pigs and analysed for significant difference by analysis of variance testing.
pHorce has been shown to be effective in miti- gating the effects of viral infection from feed.
Therefore, work of this nature is valuable in un- derstanding how these risks can be mitigated. Trial design
Post-mortem samples were collected from 30 pigs per room selected
The full trial method is available upon request.
Recommended min- imum pHorce inclusion for antiviral activity is 3kg per metric tonne.
An independent trial was conducted with Dr Scott Dee at Pipestone Applied Research facility in the US to test the anti- viral efficacy of pHorce using their standard pro- tocol.
Table 1: Prevalence of clinical symptoms of disease (day 15 post-inoculation).
Table 2: Infection levels in post-mortem samples (day 15 post-inoculation).
Figure 1: Effect of treatment on average daily gain (ADG) 15 days following initial viral challenge (a,b: denote significant difference at p< 0.05).
Figure 2: Effect of treatment on group mortality 15 days following initial viral chal- lenge.
Treatments included a positive control (infected feed, no mitigants) and pHorce (infected feed, 3kg per metric tonne pHorce).
Pigs were selected for body weight of 15kg and originated from a naïve herd documented to be free of all three viral path- ogens by monthly testing and clinical history.
For more information, visit
The trial was carried out over a 15-day period with 100 pigs (or six pens) per room and a designated
Applications to be submitted via email to by October 30, 2020.
Sabor Limited is a Boar Stud Arti cial Breeding Centre situated in the Clare Valley of South Australia. We are the largest AI centre in Australia and to help maintain and grow this operation, we are seeking the following to oversee daily activities. Ideal candidates will display a proven ability to develop and maintain an environment of trust, diversity and inclusion within your team. Your ultimate responsibility is to increase our operational ef ciency.
Operations Manager
• Maintain constant communication with management, staff and vendors to ensure ef cient and timely operations of the organisation
• Develop, implement and maintain quality assurance protocols
• Grow the ef ciency of existing organisational processes and procedures to enhance and sustain the organisation’s internal capacity
• Actively pursue strategic and operational objectives
• Ensure operational activities remain on time and within a de ned budget, and assist in budget preparation
• Organisation of staf ng
• Comprehensive knowledge of current Workplace Health and Safety legislations
• Running the business in the absence of the General Manager
Skills and quali cations
• Excellent ability to delegate responsibilities while maintaining organisational control of operations and customer service
• Highly trained in con ict management and business negotiation processes
• Knowledge of general business software and aptitude to learn new applications, and pro ciency in Microsoft Of ce (Word, Excel, Outlook)
Preferred quali cations
• Strong IT skills including database development
• Must hold a current driver’s licence and be an Australian residence
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